Flute Raman with Mysore Srikanth

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Flute Raman with Mysore Srikanth

#1  Postby hamirkalyani123 » 03 Apr 2013 21:12

Flute Sri. Raman

Sri Mysore V.Srikanth (violin), Sri B.Sivaraman (Mridangam)
Sunday, March 24th, 2013 at 4:00 PM
Venue: West Cary Middle School, Cary, NC

1. Saranga Varnam
2. Sri Mahaganapathe, Nata
3. Enthamuddo, Bindumalini
4. Raghunadha Nannu (Soora Ranjani?)
5. Jnanamosagarada (Poorvi Kalyani)
6. Akhilandeswari (Dwijavanti)
7. ??? (Garudadwani I am told not sure of the composition)
8. Bhajare Manasa, Abheri
9. Mohanakalyani RTP W/Ragamalika (Revathy, Mohana)
10. Mamavamadhava, Nilambari
11. Radhasametha (Mishra Yaman?)
12. Sindhubhairavi
13. Mangalam

A very pleasant concert with excellent support by Srikanth and Sivaraman.
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Re: Flute Raman with Mysore Srikanth

#2  Postby Narasimha » 04 Apr 2013 09:36

Is the Garudadwani composition Tatvameruga Tarama ( Tyagaraja) ? that is a nice krithi.
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Re: Flute Raman with Mysore Srikanth

#3  Postby hamirkalyani123 » 04 Apr 2013 18:31

I checked with Raman garu and he told me that it was "the garudhwani composition is Devikamalalaye , composition of Mysore vasudevachar in adi talam"
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Re: Flute Raman with Mysore Srikanth

#4  Postby mahavishnu » 05 Apr 2013 04:25

Thanks, Hameerkalyani. VKR is an excellent flautist.

I really enjoyed Sri VK Raman's concert when they had come to Toronto a few weeks ago. I meant to write about it here, but somehow never got around to it. There was a kharaharapriya main with chakkani rAja mArgamuluNDaga and an RTP in Brindavana Saranga.

Sri VKR has an excellent technique and I love how he rotates his flutes depending on the part of the octave that he is focusing on. He has a whole range of them! His style has all the markings of Sri Ramani, he has also learned a lot of Lalgudi school compositions. In fact, he played an LGJ varnam and tillana here.

His brother Mysore Srikanth and he make an excellent team; both anticipating each other's ideas very well. Reminded me of some vintage Ramani/MSG concerts from the 70s; especially during the pallavi.

B Sivaraman is a very talented mridangist. I love the clarity of the sollus and exuberance in the Tanjore Vaidyanatha Iyer/TKM school that he ably represents. Coming from the Sethalapathy family, I think nAdam runs in his blood!
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Re: Flute Raman with Mysore Srikanth

#5  Postby arasi » 05 Apr 2013 07:15

I'm glad you heard them in Toronto. How much your reviews add to our understanding of performances! Appreciating for your 'sollu'-s!
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