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Idi Samayamura - Sama - Tyagarajar

Place to go if you want to ask someone identify raga, tala, composer etc or ask for sāhitya (lyrics) or notations or translations.
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Idi Samayamura - Sama - Tyagarajar

Post by HarishankarK » 14 Aug 2017, 13:01


Is there such a Tyagarajar composition in raga Sama? I am looking for a Sama song by Sri Tyagaraja other than Santamuleka and Etulaina bhakti
Need lyrics and audio recording if available.

Thank you

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Re: Idi Samayamura - Sama - Tyagarajar

Post by Lakshman » 14 Aug 2017, 18:50

There is one other song by Tyagaraja in sAmA. shivaparAdhamu sEyarAdu. There is no song in sAmA starting with idi samayamura in my database. You might be thinking of hari bhajanamE jIvanamurA in this rAgA. I think this is by Bellary Seshagiriachar.

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