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Seetha Rama Bhagavathar

Carnatic Musicians
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Seetha Rama Bhagavathar

Post by GreenLeafs17 » 05 Sep 2011, 15:18

A post from member hari krishnan2040 prompted me to ask this. Though I have gone through this site before, I am a new member here and happen to be the great granddaughter of Seetha Rama Bhagavathar. Both my parents are grandchildren of this Vidwan and from Puthucode village of Kerala. How do I find something similar to what hari krishnan2040 found-list of compositons, details, any files of them song by his disciples etc?
My very brief training in carnatic music has been during my years in school/college days. Tutor was a member of the faculty at RLV Music Academy, kerala and now am no longer stationed in Kerala.
I have heard only 1 old file; that too of Pudukode Krishnamoorthy-"Sri Hare Janardana" in Revati.

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