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Chingleput Ranganathan

Carnatic Musicians
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Post by meena » 09 Feb 2007, 01:28

Upon reading bharath review (thanks), i wanted to learn more abt. the vidwan:

for those interested:

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Post by rajeshnat » 09 Feb 2007, 10:25

Yesterday when I was with bharath in the concert, it was announced that Shri ranganAthan will be getting this years sangeetha kalAsAgaram award from cleveland .He is travelling to cleveland this march/april(2007) to give one concert and to rx the award.
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Post by vijay » 09 Feb 2007, 10:45

He has also been chosen for SAngeet Natak Academy award I think

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Post by rbharath » 09 Feb 2007, 12:17

Sri Ranganathan is being honoured with Sangeetha Nataka Academy award on the March 1st. He is in Cleveland aradhanai this year. He is being awarded on 7th. He is singing there on the 10th, i think and is there from the 4th to 15th april or so.

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Post by knandago2001 » 10 Feb 2007, 19:58

I recall attending a morning concert of Sri. Ranganathan at Krishna Gana Sabha some 12 years ago where he sang an exquisite pallavi in Nattaikurinji. Smts. Mani Krishnaswamy and Seetha Narayanan who were in the audience were kind enough to explain the nuances of the pallavi to me and made it so much more enjoyable for me during the concert. Amazing how he sang that day - memories to cherish forever.

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Post by thanjavooran » 22 Jul 2007, 04:59

This year Music Acadamy set a record in attracting more experts in expert committee mtg [ 25 vidwans ] for his lec dem on misu krishna iyer kritis. srivatsa addressed him as musicians musician. btw he is an expert in rendering konnakol jathis [ a dying art ]which most of us may not know.

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Post by Lakshman » 22 Jul 2007, 16:45

Do the proceedings get published in the JMA? Would any kritis be availabe?

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Post by Jayashri » 22 Jul 2007, 21:27

I know that Sri Ranganathan is a great guru and has some very talented students. By any chance does anyone know any names?

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Post by thanjavooran » 23 Jul 2007, 09:13

since the details of the proceedings are documented must be available on the MA journal. Few details collected from the lec dem [ out of my memory ]
1. Misu is the house name.
2 He is a telugu brahmin and hails from a village near thirunelveli
3. His kritis are in telugu and most of them are in praise of Sadhasiva brhmendral.
4. A hand written note book containing his kritis was in the possession of
Alathoor Venkatesa Iyer and C R is denied access to it since it was kept in a safe
5. Few kritis in use now
1. Thyagaraja sathguru Mohanam
2. Devi meena Sankarabaranam
3. Neepadha darsanamae Chandra prabha
4. Parama pavana Ranjani
5 Dhaya payonidhae ?

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Post by kmrasika » 23 Jul 2007, 12:37

Are we talking about the songs in the review: ... 150800.htm or of another lecdem? With regard to Meesu Krishna Iyer, the only student of Alathur Venkatesa Iyer who learnt all the compositions was Smt. Sarojini Sundaresan(read this review: She runs a music school called Ragalaya.
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Post by rbharath » 23 Jul 2007, 14:44

yesterday evening, there was a felicitatoin to Sri Ranganathan by his disciples. i am told, they also rendered a tillana composed by Sri Ranganathan in nAgasvarAvaLi set to sankIrNa jAti dhurva tALam

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Post by jayachAmarAja » 01 Aug 2007, 10:36

Here are some photos:




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