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Bellary M Raghavendra

Carnatic Musicians
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Post by avichinnu » 07 Jan 2008, 00:16

Sri Raghavendra is a seasoned, young and creatvie musician from Shimoga. He works for AIR Bhadravathi.He is a man to watch in the future...

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Post by vageyakara » 07 Jan 2008, 04:11

Whose disciple is Shri Bellary Raghavendra ?

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Post by matterwaves » 04 Mar 2008, 21:31

This guy is the son of a very well known musician in mysore, I cant remember his name properly. I heard him sing a magnificient todi once on AIR , a kriti which went like 'Anjaneya anjani tanaya' , composed by bellary seshagiri achar(must be some one up in Raghavendra's lineage). It had mind blowing chitte swaras, with prominence to gandhara, like that of Gajavadana of Ettappa Bhoopathi

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