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vidya kalyAnarAman@rAgasudhA on Jan 09th,2011

Review the latest concerts you have listened to.
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vidya kalyAnarAman@rAgasudhA on Jan 09th,2011

Post by rajeshnat » 10 Jan 2011, 14:12

vidya kalyAnarAman@rAgasudhA on Jan 09th,2011

Occassion : MMI DAY
Vocal : vidya kalyAnarAman
Violin : Dr narmada
Mrudangam : Vellore rAmabadhran
Mrudangam support : Vichu Subrahmanyam

Concert Duration/ Day : ~ 100 minutes , Sunday
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Re: vidya kalyAnarAman@rAgasudhA on Jan 09th,2011

Post by rajeshnat » 10 Jan 2011, 14:13

1. tatvamaria tharamA (S) - reetigowlai - psivan
4 mins swaras
2. suryamoorthE - sowrAshtram - MD
3. sarasasAmadhAna - kApinArayani - T

4. appa rAma bhakthi (R N S) - pantuvarAli - T
6 mins alApanai and 3 mins violin return
4 mins neraval in "lakSmI dEvI valacunA? lakSmanuNDu golucunA"
4 mins swaras
5. sArasamukhi - gowDamalhAr - HMB

6A. kAna kaNN kOti venDum (R N S T) - kAmbOdhi - psivan
8 mins alapana and 6 mins violin return
neraval in maaNikkam vairam mudal navaratnaabaraNamum for 5 mins
8 mins swaras
6B. tani for 4 mins

7. eppa varuvArO - jONpuri - GKB
8. note - shankarAbharanam - HMB
9. nee nAma rupamulaku

I am hearing vidya kalyAnarAman for the very first time. She has learnt from padma shandilyan (wife of raja rao sir) and of late she is a student of smt suguna varadAchAri. vidya and her school brings a pedigree in general where you cannot expect a torrent of swara prasthanam but certainly she has a nice paddantharam

The no's were all MMI's best of best if I could say. A nice start of tatvaria tharama gave an aural glimpse of vidya's voice. A voice that had a lot of control and excellence more in the mid octaves for sure. Her swaras in reetigowlai was well done.

The next sooryamurthE was sung very well it was a classy rendition and just like MMI's navagraha krithi of the day just went fast and quick. After so much of lecture of kApinArayani by vidushi Narmada , the crowd that was nearly full in lecture,as and when she began her krithi, the hall was only half full. I thought it was a nice move atleast to retain the crowd with sarasa sama dhAna. Overall if she had gone with some lovely sarvalagu swaras it would have been wonderful.

VV Sundaram had earlier introduced vidya in detail . There was quite a bit of praise in his introduction and I could find atleast for this pantuvarali she deserved all that praise . A nice gripping alapana of PV (no no no to PK) with a nice brighas more reminded a bit of semmangudi there . The krithi and neraval was quite gripping with a dose of short swaras , perhaps more sarvalaghu long cycles would have made me more satisfied.

The filler gowdamalhar was just ok, she started her kAmbOdhi main,the alapana had a touch of ms amma and also a touch of ga ma pa ma ga , but overall I felt she had trouble in touching comfortably tara sthAyi . The krithi was well done and in neraval she could have gone more for few higher slamdunks of kAmbOdhi , it was a bit of calmbODhi. Her swaras were well done .

In the tukkadas the note interested me a lot. Overall the concert could have had more swaras like a typical mmi concert ,that too being mmi day that was perhaps part of rasikas expectation. Dr narmada's violin was good .Vellore rAmabadran for his age still has the nice mrudu angam nAdham, he indeed bought a lot of touchpoints of his anthakAlathu form :clap: , perhaps very familiar numbers of a musician whom he enjoys the most did pep the concert.The support of another mridangist was not heard that much and he played minimally.

Overall a good to very good concert.

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