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Sanjay at the Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan, London (May 17th)

Review the latest concerts you have listened to.
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Post by sunaada » 18 May 2009, 20:57

Organised by Vani Fine Arts
Sanjay Subramanyan- S.Varadarajan- Neyveli Venkatesh

1. intha chAlamu - Begada - Adi
2. jAnaki ramana - Shuddha Seemanthini - Adi (S)
3. AnandanatanaprakAsham- Kedaram - Mishra Chapu (A)
4. pAdavendume- HamsanAdam - Roopakam (A, N, S)
5. chakkani rAjamArgamu - Kharaharapriya - Adi (A,S) - Tani Avarthanam
6. kApaduve unadu- Anandabhairavi - Roopakam
7. rAgeshree- RTP- (Pallavi: kAvA vA velavA then pazhani uruya murugA)- Thishra thriputa - Ragamalika swarams in nAtakurunji, shubhapanthuvarali, and unexpectedly concluding with kanda guhA shanmukha (kavadi chindu)
8. thunbam nergayil - Desh - Adi
9. mAthada bAradeno- Kamas
10. viruttam- shanmukhapriya, saveri, shuddha dhanyasi followed by Brindavanam Iduvo
11. vishveshwara- Sindhu Bhairavi - Roopakam
12. manamE kaNamum maRavAdE

I enjoyed every minute particularly the rageshree RTP with an elaborate thAnam (sadAnanda anantha thanam). Also, the Shubhapanthuvarali swarams were really something -unexpectedly joyful. Varadarajan was exquisite as usual. And Venkatesh's Tani was equally engaging. I'm looking forward to their performance next year already!!
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Post by i_srinivasan » 19 May 2009, 02:40

Indeed it was a satisfying concert

I think the concert planning was quite good and the song selection is a testimony to that ..

The only 'cribs' I have are

1) The concert could have started on time instead of the 15 minute delay

2)'scheduled' 15 minute break (that lasted 25 min) given after the Kharahapriya Main..Not sure if such breaks are really neccesary. Kudos to sanjay et al for ensuring the 1st half momentum was not lost

3) If I recollect well, Sanjay had sung an RTP in Rageshri about 3 weeks back albeit with a different pallavi line - <Probably not so relevant in case 10 concerts were given in that time horizon>

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Post by arasi » 19 May 2009, 02:48

Thanks for the review. Just when I was talking to someone who had called from London saying he had attended the concert, I saw your post. He would not have been able to give me the song list as you have, though he thoroughly enjoyed the concert.
pADavENDumE with A, N and S would have been something. Happens to be one of my favorites. Ananda naTanap prakAsam after a long spell, I guess.
rAgESri pallavi, after the bangaLUru rAmanavami concert. mAman gOvindA's marugan murugan's RTP line is more appealing, sung in any rAgam--more scope for emoting, at least in my view. And the sindhu bhairavi viSvESvar darSan--not my favorite one in SB musically, though I love the lyrics. Sanjay used to sandwich the song with other rAgA (s) before?
By the way, the last song he sang was mamamE 'kaNamum' maRavAdE.
Though it is hard to guess what Sanjay would sing in any concert, I was thinking--perhaps Subha pantuvarALi for RTP, and you say he did sing it along with rAgESri and that it was delightful; happens to appeal a lot to the said individual who attended the concert.
Varadarajan and Venkatesh would have played with gusto too...
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Post by arasi » 19 May 2009, 02:53

Yes, those breaks 'are' a nuisance in CM concerts while they are fine in an HM concert where two lengthy rAgAs and a quick bhairavi are presented.

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Post by sunaada » 19 May 2009, 15:51


pADaveNDume was brilliant, indeed. Would you know the sahithyam? Thanks for the correction on manamE kaNamum maRavAdE.

The 15-minute delay was probably caused by the very sudden demise of a close young friend of the bhavan just 1/2 hour before the concert. But then again, I must admit concerts there seldom start exactly on time.

I too would love to listen to the concert uninterrupted. But most people commute long distances to get into west ken, and they feel hunger pangs/calls of nature are bound to strike half way through a 3 hour concert.
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Post by Lakshman » 19 May 2009, 23:51

pADa vENDumE. rAgA: hamsanAda. rUpaka tALA.

P: pADa vENDumE ishaip-pAvin poruLai nanguNarndu
A: Adum kUttan aDiyai nainaindu anbil agam kanindu kanindu
C: kuzhalum yAzhum onrAi kUTTi kuralai adanuL nanrAi Etri
muzhavin tuNaiyAl tALam kATTi mUnru tamizhin muraiyai nATTi

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Post by rshankar » 20 May 2009, 00:50

A few corrections:

A: ADum kUttan aDiyai ninaindu anbil agam kanindu kanindu...
C: ....................................................kuralai adanuL nanrAi ETri
muzhavin nuNaiyAl...... or tuNaiyAl
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Post by Lakshman » 20 May 2009, 00:55

It is tuNaiyAl. I have edited my post. Thanks.

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Post by arasi » 20 May 2009, 03:59

You asked for the lyrics and our Lakshman brings it to you post haste :)

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Post by sunaada » 20 May 2009, 12:13

Many many thanks, Lakshmanji. Much appreciated :-)

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Post by sarawrkn » 10 Jun 2009, 22:58

could i get the lyrics and meaning of "Kapaduve unadu" set to Anandbhairavi raagam and in rupakam?I think it is composed by Shivanandam(TQ)

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