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FILM ' Humdono'in colour

Music that is not orthodox Carnatic or Hindustani.
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FILM ' Humdono'in colour

Post by gobilalitha » 04 Feb 2011, 14:39

Dev Anand has announced that film 'hum dono' is being recast in colour I am sure that it will be liked by the present generation,Its songs have withstood 60 years being popular even today .moreover DevAnand one of the two most handsome actors of that era stars in it(the other handsome one is our own Gemini Ganesan). All the songs can be given100 marks. But my choice is 'prabhu tera naam ' by Lata Mangeshkar :D ... AA75AFBC3E.
But having said all this , I must also add that MUGHALE AZAM AND NAYADAUR didn't do well when reproduced in colour :(

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Re: FILM ' Humdono'in colour

Post by rshankar » 04 Feb 2011, 20:41

Mama - my favorite from hum dOno is the intensely romantic abhi na jAo chOD kar; dil kabhi nahi bharA, listening to this gem from Rafi sa'ab and Smt. Asha....

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Re: FILM ' Humdono'in colour

Post by gobilalitha » 05 Feb 2011, 06:11

YES , You are right,Ravi. somehow I have a sentimental attachment to ' prabhu tero naam gobilalitha

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Re: FILM ' Humdono'in colour

Post by smala » 18 Feb 2011, 14:29

abhi na jAo chchODkar ke dil abhi bharA nahi
abhi abhi to Ayi ho bahAr ban kE chchAyi ho
hawA zarA mahak to lE nazar zarA bahak to lE
yE sham Dhal to lE zarA yE dil sambhal to lE zarA
mein thodi dEr jI to lUn nashe ke ghUnt pI to lUn
abhi to kuchch kahA nahi abhi to kuch sunA nahi

sitarE jhilmila uTE charag jagmagA uTE
bus ab nA mujh ko tOkknA na badd kE rAh roknA
agar mein ruk gayI abhi to jA na pAungI kabhi
yehI kahogE tum sadA kE dil abhi bharA nahi
jo khatma ho kisI jagah yE aisa silsila nahi

adhUri As chchOD dE adhUri pyAs chchOD kE
jo rOz yun he jAogE to kis tharah nibhaogI
kE zindagi ki rah mei jawA dilom ki chAh mei
kayI makAm AyegI jo hum ko AjmAyengI
burA na mAno bAth ka yE pyAr hei gilA nahi
yehI kahogI tum sadA ke dil abhi bharA nahi

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