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Place to review recorded music that you have heard.
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Post by vasya10 » 29 Jan 2009, 01:15

I was looking for complete rendition of Dikshitar's nottusvaras and I recently bought this CD - Vismaya (

I am not qualified to review the music, but its definitely a novel attempt and a very good listen. Just wanted to give exposure to this CD if no one has heard of it.

Its not "pure" carnatic music, but has western/celtic blend. The voice of the singer is very pleasing.

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Post by rshankar » 29 Jan 2009, 08:06

This is an album researched and produced by Kanniks Kannikesvaran - the lead voice is his daughter Vidita's with support from her dad and sister Sukhita, and she's also arranged 'pAhi durge' for the piano and performed it. I think it is admixed with Celtic music. It also seems to have all of the nOTTusvarams...

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Post by kamalamba » 27 Aug 2009, 11:14

I heard Kanniks talk recently in Singapore and bought the 2 CDs (and even purchased a second set for a niece).
The music is exceptional and lets you have a glipmse of MDs "open-mind".
I think Kanniks and family have interpreted MDs nottuswara kritis so well that most kids (and parents) will enjoy the album even if they have never heard CM before.

My favorites are
1. SadAsiva jAyE
2. Guruguha sarasija
3. sakti sahita
4. rAjIva lOchanam rAmachandram
5. santatam pAhimAm

Excellent CD to have in your collection

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