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Pure Fantasy: The ideal leader for Tamilnadu

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Pure Fantasy: The ideal leader for Tamilnadu

Post by Sachi_R » 16 Feb 2017, 13:40

Imagine, as a result of all your piety, honesty, righteousness, culture, and love for Tamilnadu, that God calls you up and asks you this fantastic question: Who would be the ideal leader for the state of Tamil Nadu?

Now you may ask, why single out TN, when so many other states offer God a similar vacancy or absence of leadership!? The extenuating circumstances are as follows:
1. Tamil culture is one of the world's most ancient, enriched by art, science, agricultural and scientific accomplishments.
2. You are being asked because you are a responsible, knowledgeable, and committed rasika.

What would be your answer to God? List the criteria.
Please note your answer has to be reasoned and supported by
A. An example of a living or dead Tamilian who exemplifies those criteria.
B. You have to argue why that person is the best leader.

I have on direct authority that God is awaiting your inputs. Even as you read this, people are suggesting to him names like Rajini, Kamal, Rahman, Anand, Ashwin, N Srinivasan, Seshasayee, N Murali, TM Krishna, Sundar Pichai, TCS Chandrasekharan, and many ladies too, but I didn't catch their names well.

Please hurry.

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