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Ragas created by me

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Ragas created by me

Post by ratanabhinav » 21 Mar 2017, 03:27

I am very excited to inform you all that I have composed some new ragas.
30 Naganandhini janya

Aa: s r G m d S
Av : S n d p m G m r g r s . Note G is antara gandhaam, g is sadharana gandharam

Kalyani janya
Aa: s r m p n S
Av: S n d m g r s

Ramapriya janya
Aa: s r p m d n S
Av: S n p m g r s

Vakulabharanam janya
Aa: s g p d n S
Av: S n p m r s

Natabhairavi janya
Aa: s r g p n S
Av: S n d p m r g s

Kharaharariya janya
Aa: s r m p n S
Av: S n d m g m r s

Kharaharapriya janya
Aa: s r g m p n S
Av: S p m r g r s

Sankarabharanam janya
Aa: s r g m n s
Av: S d S p m r s

please do review , give your rating and experts views and please do comment any suggestions , points . I did the above exercise as I felt that as CM rasikas , we do need to listen to some more new ragas , since we have spent lot of time listening to same ragas again and again and have become too acquainted and accustomed to the tunes.( like we say in tamil : kaettu kaettu kaadhe thenju pochu !)

Ratan Abhinav

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Re: Ragas created by me

Post by sureshvv » 21 Mar 2017, 10:17

You may have to do more than just provide the arohanam/avarohanam. Sing something in it and see if you can distinguish it enough from its close allies and provide recording :)

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Re: Ragas created by me

Post by Lakshman » 21 Mar 2017, 20:27

Nice names for the new rAgAs. However to use these rAgAs in practice one has to know the rAga lakSaNAs and sancArAs which I hope you are working on. It would be great if you can compose songs in these and sing them, as sureshvv has suggested, to bring out the bhAvAs of these new arrangements. All the best to you.

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