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Post by Lakshman » 11 Aug 2007, 06:11

The letters I use are: sa as in sati, sh as in shiva and S as in SaNmukhapriyA.
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Post by arunk » 11 Aug 2007, 06:25

ok then it would Ashai (if you want to use that as opposed to Asai), and bASai (in tamil).

It is the reverse of some schemes (like the ones in my editor) - but as long as people know which is which, and is used consistently, it is of course fine. I thought I saw in some cases for tamizh krithis where sha is used for both sh and S but I could have been mistaken.
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Post by kutty » 11 Aug 2007, 07:32


I regret if I had hurt your feelings. The purpose of my posting is to facilitate correct transliteration for which both arunk and vgvindan have toiled to bring out editors to make CM lyrics look as far as possible correctly in the language in which they were made. That is why I associate the Tamil script with Roman script since even in the case of Thamizh knowing people, there are a few who are unaware of these. There was a time when I also felt that "Kaatril" is correct as it can be exactly pronounced. But I was criticised that I am not following the International scheme, creating problems to transliterate, as such I have shifted to that scheme. There are numerous SW that follow different schemes in transliterations like the ones you pointed out, thus creating confusion as arasi opined. Anyway, pl be assured that at least I will desist from posting such corrections in future, though personally I will follow the scheme for my posting. For the rest of the clarifications needed, the post #23 of arunk will suffice. Some of the postings need transfer to technical section as they will be more relevant there.
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