Srimushnam Raja Rao

Carnatic composers (other than performing vidwans)
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Post by shadjam » 02 Apr 2008, 02:13

Here is the interview of Sri.Srimushnam Raja Rao that appeared in The Hindu dated Feb 16, 1996. He explains the reason for why he chose to compose only thillanas.




I am sorry about the quality of the images.
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Post by VK RAMAN » 02 Apr 2008, 02:28

Good post. Thanks for sharing with us.
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Post by carnaticdasan » 19 Jul 2008, 12:16

Hi all
I have personally heard and enjoyed his two thillanas,one in ragam Hamsanandi and the other in Behag.Both are master pieces and one should really admire his kanaku and jatis incorporated in these.I believe more is in store and i love to hear them mainly due to the flawless composing of the thillanas and the jatis as Sri Rajarao himself a Great Percussionist have put in his experience in these compositions.Hats off to Raja rao mama.
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