Tyagaraja and Goddess Dharmasamvardhani

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In one of the magazine I read the following article about Sri.Tyagaraja Swamigal.
Once Tyagaraja was unwell and could not do the regular bajan and other activities. That evening when he was asleep, a middle aged lady well dressed with all the aabaranas adorned came and called Tyagaraja in eka vachan. Surprised by this calling, Tyagaraja's wife came out and enquired the lady and conveyed that Tyagaraja was unwell. Tyagaraja's wife asked whether you know him. She said I know him from birth. I also know that he is unwell. She gave kumkum prasadam to Tyagaraja's wife and asked her to take kumkum as medicine for his recovery. Telling this she left. Tyagaraja's wife narrated this to her husband and gave the kumkum. Tyagaraja with full belief took and got recovered from the illness. Immediately he could recognise that Goddess Dharmasamvardhani herself came. In a way he was happy that Tyagaraja's wife could see the Goddess and in one way he was so sad that he could not have dharshan of the goddess. Depicting this incident and in praise of Dharmasamvardhani he composed a song. Anybody who could correlate and tell me the composition.
This episode I read in one of the tamil magazine long time back. I could not recollect the full incidents narrated in the magazine.
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