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Dear Rasikas
Yesterday I attended a Book Release function. The great music critic Sri. VEYESVEE has come out with three books viz. Tyagaraja, Dikshithar and Syama Sastri. The book speaks about the various songs meanings and when the songs have been composed and what is the background which made them to compose these songs. Excellent collection. Even though the book is there in the market for the past one year, the awareness about the book came now only through the book release function.
I suggest the narrative portion for some special songs of Trinity when, where and why it was composed, if started, under this heading, will be of much use to music lovers all over the world.
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ogirala sri ramakrishna
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Post by ogirala sri ramakrishna » 27 Jun 2009, 05:51

H H Bhakta Gnanananda teertha was blessed with 2 sons and four daughters. he started looking for matches for his daughters. the matches are failing due to dowri problem.
he was very much disturbed. in that situation once the song cheppukomtinamma janani na trippata lella nito in the raga mukhari. this songs reflects the social evil in the society during his life time.
after composing this song ha has successfully completed the marriages of all the four daughters.

by rendering this song / reading this song unmarried daughters will get marrried.

by rendering this song we can solve our financial problems. i am sayin g this from my own experiences during my stay in assam durng 2001 to 2004.

mukhari raga

pallavi : cheppukomtinamma janani na trippatalella nito ;; cheppukomti:;

anupallavi : meppuleni dhana kamulato viyyamu tappadaye
kadu dhanametu chekoortuvo ;;cheppukomtinamma;;

charanam : ee nati papamo dhanahinulai komdarinati manavulu maguvala kanuchunnarila vidhi vasamuna deenulai aappanna rakshaki jagamu tirella raghavuni ::cheppukomti::

the meaning is

pallvi: o mother i am expressing my problems to you

anapallavi :: i have to arrange the marriages of my daughters with money minded persons. but i don't have the money. now you have to arrange that money for this.

charanam : because of the misdeeds in previous births the house holder is giving birth to daughters.
mother please save me :: cheppukomtinamma janani::
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