kshetragnar and the other pada karthas....

Carnatic composers (other than performing vidwans)
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Post by venkatakrishnan » 14 Jan 2009, 07:55

I am sure tat i didnt find any thread on the pada karthas.it would be rather gracious on the part of rasika members to speak of the padam composers, their life style and their compositions.....eager to read.
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Post by kmrasika » 15 Jan 2009, 18:00

bollAvaramUvAru, sArangapANi, and muvvanallUr sabhApati come to mind when thinking of this genre.
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Post by sramaswamy » 23 Jan 2009, 01:40


that is an excellent compilation. I am adding one more that I know of below.

Muthu Thandavar

Dr Rishi analyzes Muthu Thaandavar's Music compositions


Find it on the against the date - Aug. 27, 2008

It is in Tamil.
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Post by knandago2001 » 24 Jan 2009, 08:45

sramaswamy: thanks

Annamacharya author of sringara rasa manjari and sringara sankeerthanas
"Flowers at his feet"
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Post by vidya » 24 Jan 2009, 20:40


Not intended as an exercise in SSP(shameless self promotion from my own site :) ) but there is a detailed bio of Ksehtrayya here.
Also snippets of others including Yuvaranga, Sarangapani , Parimalaranga, a list of composers of Shrngara Padas etc. It would be nice to see if there is any other info on the other names that listing 56. padam composers mention.
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Post by gn.sn42 » 25 Jan 2009, 07:05

vidya, thank you for the wonderful edition of the SSP - the content is great, and equally importantly, the layout and presentation have been designed exceptionally well. This edition sets the standard for presentation. Congratulations on this remarkable effort, and I hope to benefit from more of your efforts in the future.
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