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Post by keerthi » 28 Feb 2009, 18:19

Are these two the names of the same person...? Is it the father of Ramaswami and Mahavaidyanathan sivan...

are all of Sarasiruhasanapriye, Adene ma haruDu in pharas and dhUrjati natinchene [gauri] by the same (this?) person..

May I request for a complete list of his/ their songs??
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Post by vidya » 28 Feb 2009, 20:58

- You raise a very interesting point considering the following:

- That the Sivan brothers are not mentioned in the Vaggeyakara caritamu (while patnam is mentioned and I have heard only irrational theories that explain this conspicuous absence) so it seems even more odd and extremely intriguing if these were the same Dorasamayyas.

-Per Subbarama Dikshita's account, Dorasamayya is said to have lived in Tiruvayyaru sometime after Sarabhoji II and during the time of Sivaji

- The only reference that says Dorasamayya = Puliyoor doraiswami Iyer = Sivan brother's father is the website. There have been other composer mix ups on that site in the past where Annaswami Bhagavatar and Annaswami Sastry's bios were combined so we would need a proper reference/bibliographic information to account for the information contained in this page before taking it at facevalue and drawing conclusions upon it.

-Considering the fact that Saraseeruhasanapriye does not contain a Subrahmanya mudra and the todi piece in the SSP anubandham has it and I didn't seem to find it in dhUrjati natincene (which Btw is a very fine piece in Gauri - and is also notated in both SSP and KV Srinivasa Iyengar's book. I have only one rendition of this fine piece)

So to add to the above request.. If at all someone posts a list of songs attributed please also provide the reference information!
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Post by Lakshman » 28 Feb 2009, 22:41

composer song raga tala text notation
Pallavi Doraisvami Iyer Adbhuta natana Kamavardhini Chapu
Pallavi Doraisvami Iyer ADinammA haruDu drugu tAtaiyani Paraju Adi SPD/pg1
Pallavi Doraisvami Iyer Agajaradha dehya Ghanta Jhampa SPD/pg17
Pallavi Doraisvami Iyer Anniyu yunnadi Anandabhairavi Adi SPD/pg14
Pallavi Doraisvami Iyer Aparadhamulanniyu Shankarabharana Adi SPD/pg44
Pallavi Doraisvami Iyer Arunodaya maya Bauli Jhampa SPD/pg22
Pallavi Doraisvami Iyer Atti samayamuna Mohana Adi SPD/pg33
Pallavi Doraisvami Iyer Atuvanti vela Surati Adi SPD/pg34
Pallavi Doraisvami Iyer Bhavaja hari pari Bhairavi Chapu SPD/pg37
Pallavi Doraisvami Iyer Dani dakkarika ledani Kalyani Adi SPD/pg47
Pallavi Doraisvami Iyer Danike tagunu Kamavardhini Adi SPD/pg46
Pallavi Doraisvami Iyer Dhurjati natinchene pradosha samayamunanu Gauri Adi SR/pg163 SR/pg164
Pallavi Doraisvami Iyer Elago puttinchi Anandabhairavi Adi SPD/pg30
Pallavi Doraisvami Iyer Elagu daya vachchi Shankarabharana Chapu SPD/pg27
Pallavi Doraisvami Iyer Emi durlabhamu Kambhoji Jhampa SPD/pg10
Pallavi Doraisvami Iyer Endu bhogave manamu Dvijavanti Chapu SPD/pg41
Pallavi Doraisvami Iyer Entanuchu vinna Kedaragaula Adi
Pallavi Doraisvami Iyer Era napai inta kopamelara evvari (tv) Mukhari Adi ASR/pg114 ASR/pg114
Pallavi Doraisvami Iyer Eti patini Bhairavi Chapu SPD/pg6
Pallavi Doraisvami Iyer Galguno Varali Adi SPD/pg9
Pallavi Doraisvami Iyer Jaya jaya gauri ramana Kamavardhini Chapu SPD/pg19
Pallavi Doraisvami Iyer Kaivalya mani Athana Rupaka SPD/pg45
Pallavi Doraisvami Iyer Kanugoni nedu Bhairavi Chapu SPD/pg5
Pallavi Doraisvami Iyer Lemmu lemmu rajamaule Bhimpalas Rupaka SPD/pg18
Pallavi Doraisvami Iyer Lemmu lemmu rajamaule Bauli Rupaka GPM/pg99 GPM/pg100
Pallavi Doraisvami Iyer Manasune nammane Madhyamavati Rupaka SPD/pg42
Pallavi Doraisvami Iyer Mandugai kona Saveri Adi SPD/pg11
Pallavi Doraisvami Iyer Nammina dasudo Varali Chapu SPD/pg29
Pallavi Doraisvami Iyer Nedu daya namida Kamavardhini Chapu SPD/pg28
Pallavi Doraisvami Iyer Ninne korinadira nirajakshi nenu kora (tv) Mohana Adi KMS/iii/pg67 KMS/iii/pg67
Pallavi Doraisvami Iyer Parahamsa nalona pavvalinchayya (p) Ahiri Jhampa PSHB/pg688
Pallavi Doraisvami Iyer Parama sadashiva parama sadashiva parashiva Bhupala Adi SPD/pg24
Pallavi Doraisvami Iyer Parama shiva parama rupa Nilambari Adi SPD/pg22
Pallavi Doraisvami Iyer Parvati nayaka paramadaya pravaha Madhyamavati K/Eka
Pallavi Doraisvami Iyer Pashupati hridaya Yadukulakambhoji K/Chapu SPD/pg10
Pallavi Doraisvami Iyer Raksha mam Begada Jhampa SPD/pg35
Pallavi Doraisvami Iyer Sami ni darini Todi Adi SPD/pg48
Pallavi Doraisvami Iyer Sarasija mukhiro niku sari evvare (tv) Arabhi Adi GVM/pg73 GVM/pg73
Pallavi Doraisvami Iyer Shiva shiva yani Kamavardhini Chapu SPD/pg39
Pallavi Doraisvami Iyer Shri madana shringara Kedaragaula K/Chapu SPD/pg2
Pallavi Doraisvami Iyer Simhasanamuna Mohana Chapu SPD/pg13
Pallavi Doraisvami Iyer Talli tandrulu Kamavardhini Chapu SPD/pg8
Pallavi Doraisvami Iyer Tat tadhimita tithiyani Todi Adi

Puliyur Doraisvami Iyer Matim dehi varamange shubha durge mama Kalyani Adi CAC/pg193
Puliyur Doraisvami Iyer Sarasiruhasana priye amba sada vina gana Nata Adi KMM/iv/pg507 KMM/iv/pg507
Puliyur Doraisvami Iyer Sarasiruhasana priye amba sada vina gana Gaula Adi PSHB/pg241
Puliyur Duraisvami Iyer Adena ma harudu drugu tataiyani Paraju Adi GPM/pg104 GPM/pg106

SPD= Songs of Pallavi |Doraiswami Iyer. The Music Academy
PSHB= Prachina Sampradaya Haribhajanamrutam. A.K.Gopalan
GPM=Gita Prabandha Malai. Vinai A.Subramaniam
KMM=Kriti Mani Malai
ASR=Adi Sangita Ratnavali
KMS= Karnatic Music - P.Sambamurti.
CAC-Compositions in Audio Cassettes
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Post by keerthi » 01 Mar 2009, 14:25

Matim dehi varamange is definitely composed by the VAnamAmalai composers. Isn't there a book by Vidya Shankar on the songs of doraswamayya...?

Both lemmu-lemmu[bhauli] and adene ma harudu [as opposed to adenamma harudu] are attributed in my copy of GPM to Pallavi D. iyer and not puliyUr D.Iyer. this is an october 1961 edition.

Dr pinakapani in his 'sangIta-saurabhamu' has annotated a song which goes 'dhittalAngutaka taiyyani AdEnE kamakshi-vibhudu' It is a fine piece, in the same league as Adenamma or tattadhimita or dhurjati. It is another 'Siva-tandava-krthi', with expressions similar to those found in the former set.
THIS song doesn't have the subrahmanya mudra. The style of sAhityam leads me to infer that this song is by the same composer.

this song has 3 charanas with identical dhatu; like tattadhimita or dhurjati..The songs lemmu lemmu and Adenamma seem to have only one charanam each.
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Post by vidya » 01 Mar 2009, 21:02

Oops dhUrjati does have the subrahmanya mudra..
Thanks for the list.
Based on the stylistics of his composition it seemed amply clear that he was from a vainika sampradaya and also considering the popularity of sarasiruhasanapriye among vainikas. I realized after seeing the article below that he was a great grandfather of Sabesha Iyer (Musiri's guru and a forgotten giant of yore). So I still think that him being Maha Vaidyanatha Iyer's father is incorrect given the fact that Sabhesa Iyer learnt music from Mahavaidyanatha Sivan.

Have you heard lemmu lemmu rendered by anyone? ... 390300.htm
My grandfather Sri Sabhapati Sivan was a disciple of Sri Tyagaraja Swamigal. His father Pallavi Doraiswami Iyer was a musician and composer in the Thanjavur Rajah’s Court. He was famed as a veena artiste also. Padinaindu Mandapam, or the street of fifteen pavilions, is in Tiruvaiyaru. At the instance of King Tulaja II of Thanjavur, Rama Brahmam, Tyagaraja’s father, was entrusted the responsibility of distributing the houses on this street to learned Brahmins who specialised in Varuna Japam, the chant that induced rain. One of the families that benefited from this munificence was that of Nayam Venkatasubba Iyer, a vainika in the Thanjavur Court. His grandson was ‘Pallavi’ Doraiswami Iyer. He was a vaggeyakkara also, composing songs with the mudra ‘Subramania.’ He was also a talented painter and did watercolours for the themes of his songs. Some of these have survived and are with his descendants.

Very interesting - a Vaggeyakara Painter!
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Post by vasanthakokilam » 02 Mar 2009, 02:48

Vidya: Thanks for that link and I enjoyed reading it. This is the kind of stuff I cherish, first person accounts of people whose grandfathers or great grandfathers lived during Thyagaraja's time. I am hoping that Musiri had documented what his guru had reminisced with him about what he heard of his grandfather's time with Thyagaraja. Wouldn't that be wonderful!!

May be it is this Doraiswami Iyer who advised the King to send for Thyagaraja to visit the royal court? Just taking a guess based on the nugget of info you quote.
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Post by keerthi » 02 Mar 2009, 10:15

I haven't heard lemmu lemmu. And it has two charanas given in the gpm ,not one as i said earlier. The second charanam has the mudra. I had read about the paintings by this vaggeyakara before...

we should try and see if we can get access...
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Post by Lakshman » 28 Jun 2009, 20:14

According to N.Rajagopalan's Garland vol 1, details of Pallavi (Puliyur) Doraisvami Iyer:

Parents: Suryanarayanan & Venkataseshi
Grandson of Nayam Venkatasubba Iyer, renowned Vina vidvan of Tanjavur darbar.
his two sons: Sabhapati Shivan & Govinda Shivan
Contemporary of Pallavi Gopala Iyer
Grandson: Sambashiva Iyer (1837-1895)
Great Grandson: Vidvan T.S.Sabesa Iyer
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