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Carnatic composers (other than performing vidwans)
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Post by vageyakara » 17 Mar 2009, 16:38

Pranams to every Cm Devotee,
To facilitate easy reference to my compositions and self renderings,renditions by others , I have thought it fit to post an exclusivce list which is as follows.:

Page 1
Song - Raga
aadi antam illai - jyOtiswaroopini
aadi madhyaanta rahitE - kaatyaayani
aadi vyaadihara - aabhOgi
ambaa paramEshwari - shiva ranjani
ambaa sudhaa gaNapatE - ghambeeravaNi
annayE nin paadamE paNindEnE - kamaas
bhaarata taay tanda selvanE - bhaarati
brahma vishNu mahEshwara - kanakaangi
brOvakownduta - vaasanti
dasharata nandana - lavaangi
dayaamayi shankari - lataangi
enta vaadanuraa muraari - kaambhOji
gamaka ezhil kamazhum - naaTTai kurinji
ghambeera gandharva gaana vilOla - shankaraabharaNam
gowri nivaasa karuNaa vilaasa - malayamaarutam
gurunaathapriya - gurunaathapriya
hamsadwani rasika ranjanaa - hamsadwani
hari amsanE hara vamsanE - ratipatipriya
haridaasa giri - ranjani
harihara tanayuni - kharaharapriyaa
idaya veeNaiyin ediroliyE - maanD
innamum enai aaLa tiruvuLLam - caarukEshi
innisai ezhil konjam - natabhairavi
innisai maamanDramE - behaag
isaiyil negizhum jagadeesanE - rishhabapriyaa
jaya jaya shree bruhannaayaki - dharmavati
kamalaa kaantaamaNi bhooshaNa - kaantaamaNi
kanna talli naapai karuNincavE - raagavardhani
kanni moola gaNapatiyE - naagaswaraavaLi
karuNaiyin tiruvuruvE - tilang
kumarEsan - vishnupriyaa
maakula bhooshana shree ramaNa - kalyaaNa vasantam
maal maruganai - neelamaNi
maargam tandaruL - shhadvidamaargini
maataa bhavaani - kannaDa
maataa shree raaja raajEshwari - kapilam
mahaa tripura sundari - vaagadeeshwari
mahishaasura mardhini - udaya ravi candrikaa
makara jyOti divyadarisanamE - kaamavardhani
marudaacala naayakaa - shhanmugapriyaa
naada sampoorNa sadaananda - naasikaabhooshhaNi
naarada gaana rasikapriyE - rasikapriyaa
naatapamE teercu naaraayaNi - candrajyOti
nee manam - sumanEsharanjani
nee tanda isaikonDu - valaci
needaya kOriti neerajalOcani - karnaranjani
neerajaakshi sharanamulE - jhaalavaraaLi
nindarul vENDinEn nimalanE - paTadeep
pavanatanaya paramaatmaa - bahudaari
punidanE - soorya

raadhE shyaamaLanE - shyaamaa
raaga rasika shirOnmaNi - keeravaaNi
saarangapaaNiyin - hamsakalyaaNi
sadaa nee paadamE gati - manasijapriya
sadaashiva hridaya nivaasini - sarasaangi
sadguru priya tyaaga brahmamE - gurupriya
sadgurunaada manamirangaada - bEgaDa
samasaaTi lEni saayee naadaa - karnaaTaka dEvagaandhaari
sanaatana dharma samvarddhini - dEsh
sannidhiyE - priyadarshani
sashimukhi - kaikavashi
sentaamarai paatanE - bilahari
shabarigirivaasa - tODi
shankara harapriya gurunaathanE - kharaharapriyaa
shiva vaama bhaagEshwari - bhaagEshri
shree raaghavEndra sadguru - shree
shree rajagOpaala sudanE - jayantasEna
sunaadavinOdini vaarini - sunaada vinOdini
tagumO murayO - shree ranjani
tanigai malai mEvum - gowri manOhari
tiruvuLLam irangaadaa - hamsaanandi
umaa mahEshwari - nalinakaanti
unakkinai neeyE - calanaaTTai
unakku nigar neeyE - kEdaaram
undan padam vENDinEn muruganE - rEvati
unniru padam tozhum varamum - varam
vaaNi saraswati dEvi - saraswati
vaDivaambikE - dwijaavanti
veeNa gaana - sindu bhairavi
venkaTa girivaasa - karnaaTaka dEvagaandhaari
vEnuvu vinipinci - saaramati

I hope my fellow CM devotees would definitely FIND IT EASIER to refer to my compositions. Further additions wil be included shortly.

Thank You
K Ramaraj
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Post by srinivasrgvn » 17 Mar 2009, 17:15

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Post by vageyakara » 17 Mar 2009, 19:49

Dear Srinivasrgvn,
May I request u to visit page 3 (post NO 58) of this thread wherein I have posted the foreword given GIVEN BY NO LESS A PERSON THAN THE GREAT PROF TRS to my book INNISAI PAAMALAIAI. He has aptly defined the qualifying aspects of a VAGGEYAKARA and how I deserve to be classified as a uthAMA COMPOSER.most of the other fellow members of this forum are well acquainted with this.Please refer the views out poured by several members of our forum about me.Thankk for your views
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