Queries in Vaarana mukhava-Hamsadhwani

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#1 Queries in Vaarana mukhava-Hamsadhwani

Post by nulls » 08 Sep 2017, 10:03

Please clarify on the following queries I have on Koteeshwara Iyer's kriti Vaarana mukhava-Hamsadhwani - I've gone through the available translations on the net, but am not clear on the following:

1. What does "matha" mean in the anupallavi last line and charanam last line? In anupallavi it occurs in "karunaamutham udaviya arul matha" and in charanam "athi vegamai arul matha"...

It looks like it could be "showering" as in "arul pozhi" or something like that... but wanted to know if matha is indeed valid word for showering, if at all.

In karnatic.com, the relevant charanam line is given as "adalAl ati vEgamAdAgavE "... but what does vEgamAdAgavE mean.. I understand vEgam, but what is AdAgave?

2. In charanam what does iyamTamizh mean?

3. In charanam what does "unnum" mean in the line "Unnum Kavi Kunjara Dasan..."
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