Request Meaning - pArththuppizaiyungkaL - n-IngkaL -GKB

Place to go if you want to ask someone identify raga, tala, composer etc or ask for sāhitya (lyrics) or notations or translations.
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#1 Request Meaning - pArththuppizaiyungkaL - n-IngkaL -GKB

Post by HarishankarK » 27 Mar 2018, 04:25

pArththuppizaiyungkaL - n-IngkaL

rAgam : yathukula kAmpOthi
thALam : rUpakam
pArththup pizaiyungkaL - nIngkaL - pArththup pizaiyungaL

pArththup pizaiyinthach chORRuth thuruththiyai
Eththith thoza vENdAm kAththup pOgumunnE (pArththu)

Aththimathi sUdum kUththanidam mAyas
sUththiraththai inthach chEththiraththuLLAdaip (pArththu)

vIRRiruppIr kAlang kAththirup pAnsaiva
sAththiraththai njAna nEththirath thAluRRup (pArththu)

mUlak kanalthANdi mElak karai vanthu
pAlaik kudiyiruntha nAlukkuL vArAmal (pArththu)

bAlakirushNan thozung kOlap pathanggaLai
mElukku mElnAdi sAlak kaliyaRap (pArththu)

I would like to request meaning for this song usually sung in Jaunpuri in bhajans and devotional style. This tamizh is really hard to understand and looks like it has some deep philosophies underlying in the lyrics.
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#2 Re: Request Meaning - pArththuppizaiyungkaL - n-IngkaL -GKB

Post by harimau » 20 Apr 2018, 19:49

pArththuppizaiyungkaL - n-IngkaL

pArththup - Look/Observe
pizaiyungkaL - Save yourselves
NIngal - All of you
- pArththup pizaiyungaL

pArththup pizhai - Look carefully and save yourselves
Eththith thoza vEndAm - Don't praise and worship
Intha chORRuth thuruththiyai - this bag of food (cooked rice), meaning your body
kAththup pOgumunne - before the breath leaves your body (pArththu)

Aththimathi sUdum kUththanidam - From the Divine Dancer who wears the aththi flower and the moon
mAya sUththiraththai - (learn) the secret (that the world is mAya-illusory)
Intha ChEththiraththullathai - what this kshetra contains (Look)

vIRRiruppIr - (While) You are idly sitting
kAlan kAththiruppan - The Lord of Death is waiting (for you)
Saiva sAththiraththai njAna nEththiraththal uRRu - with your discerning eye, intently stare (learn) at Saiva Shastras


More later.
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