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Post by Nick H » 30 Jan 2015, 12:12

advaitam wrote:There was a post on another thread challenging if Murthy sir has played for any lady vocalists of yore apart from MSS
Three years later, here is the answer, from TKM himself, and it doesn't mince words :)...
One morning MS had come to his Guru’s house. “Do you know who this is?” my guru asked MS. “My son. He is excellent on the mridangam. This evening let’s have a kutcheri at home and he will play for you.” That evening a lasting bond between him and MS was established – for the next 55 years, TKM was her accompanist on the mridangam. “I am perhaps the only mridangam player who played for all the female musicians of that time. Pattamal, Vasanta Kumari, Sundarambal, Brinda and Mukta, everyone of them. They were remarkable. They had given so much thought to their music and achieved such complicated things in laya that it was challenging for the mridangam vidwan. In fact, I often feel that if mridangam vidwans refused to play for women it was because they were scared that they wouldn’t be able to measure up. It’s too much for their ego to have a woman as superior musician.”
See the whole article in the link in cienu's previous post.
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Post by cienu » 06 Feb 2015, 19:05

This is the second and concluding part of the interview. ... rge&test=1
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Post by shankarank » 16 Sep 2016, 09:09

Nonagenarian still as young in action:
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Post by shankarank » 16 Sep 2016, 19:17

In his case Sruti is held by the vadyam and his laya remains even if virtuosity is reduced by the age.

I am reminded of SSI's vervy swaram in rAma kathA sudhA ( nanganallUr AnjnEya temple) to which MSS nods ( as the camera turns to her timely) even after all the virtuosity had left him by then.

What remains even at that time is indeed music!

His disciple Sri V Subramaniam writes in the Hindu about how SSI did not lay emphasis on laya. That is a fallacy. SSI built his music on the towers of earlier giants having heard them ( periyavA sangItattai kETTavar). He will stand on that tower. nammiDatilE onRu solluviTTu avar ninRu viDuvAr! He may say something in context , but if we take it verbatim (appaTTamAka purindu konDOm enRAl) ! - we are the losers ( nammatAn EmALi! :idea: ).
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Post by rajeshnat » 07 May 2017, 04:06

Writeup of veteran post his padmashri award on May 2017 in The Hindu ... 162728.ece
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Post by varsha » 07 May 2017, 07:44

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