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#26 Vidushi A Kanyakumari

Post by ramarama » 23 Feb 2019, 11:06

Recently, I heard a four hour concert by the Vidushi organized by the Kannada Sangha, Singapore, accompanied by three of her students and five percussionists (and no ghatam among those 5! mridangam, kanjira, tabla, rhythm pad (who also played morsing), konnakkol). I had last heard a solo (again, 4 hours - but that time just a violin/mridangam concert I think) by her many years ago during my grad studies days in the US in the early nineties. Listening to her mind-blowing solo again after all these years led me to wonder - is she not a superstar among violinists, in the league of legends like TNK, MSG and LGJ? Has she got her due from all of us rasikas and sabhas across the world? If she were a male with the same performance vidwat and teaching productivity, would it have been a lot easier to have been universally acknowledged as a superstar of Carnatic music? Or is it a matter not of gender but of not good enough self-promotion abilities?

It could also just be my ignorance, that most rasikas/sabhas do consider her in the highest grade of Carnatic musicians and she does get as many solo concerts as have the masters of the past. She doesn't seem to be accompanying vocalists much - perhaps that is of her own choosing. Would be grateful if knowledgeable rasikas would share if she has indeed been a regular accompanist for vocal concerts.

During the concert, she made a plea for more support for instrumental music (which we all know is sort of a dying field today in terms of solos, relative to the heyday of the last century) and for Telugu people to be more supportive of Carnatic music (note that this was in a Kannada Sangha concert - and I think she herself is from Andhra).

I brought up gender, because of what a senior female violin teacher once griped to me about - she said many male singers do not want a female accompanist (and nor do female vocalists for different reasons). And of course, some mridangists do not want to accompany female soloists in general. Is this one of the reasons why Ranjani Gayathri moved to becoming singers? And why Akkarai sisters have also ventured out as singers?
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#27 Re: Vidushi A Kanyakumari

Post by Sachi_R » 23 Feb 2019, 17:51

After I watched the following video, I was full of reverence for this grand lady Sangita Kalanidhi Kanyakumari.


If your question is why she has not promoted herself or has not been celebrated as much as the Trinity of the violin etc., my own answer would be
1. Apart from the Trinity in fact there are other really great violinists among men too, unsung.
2. After T. Rukmini she came on the scene but stayed with MLV, Shrinivas/Ravikiran, Kadari etc. Maybe if she had accompanied big name men vocalists, it would have helped her.
2. By nature she seems a shrinking violet.
3. Her "instrumental ensembles" have come a little late to move the needle, given the total dominance by vocalists.

She would perhaps now be quite content being accorded the SK and other honours and then producing time and again great men violinists who carry her stamp.
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#28 Re: Vidushi A Kanyakumari

Post by SrinathK » 23 Feb 2019, 18:22

This could go under vidwans / vidushis section.
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#29 Re: Vidushi A Kanyakumari

Post by Pratyaksham Bala » 23 Feb 2019, 22:20

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#30 Re: A.Kanyakumari

Post by RasikasModerator2 » 24 Feb 2019, 16:44

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#31 Re: A.Kanyakumari

Post by rajeshnat » 17 May 2019, 15:55

Write up of vidushi A kanyakumar creation of 7 new ragas ,named after 7 hills of tirumala.
https://www.thehindu.com/entertainment/ ... 148895.ece
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