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#226 Re: Balamuralikrishna

Post by Rsachi » 03 Dec 2016, 10:19

Rajesh, priceless!
Palghat Raghu passed away on June (A very dry period), KVN passed away on April (another dry CM period) . Dr BMK gaaru continued to be media savvy even during death (he died in Nov/Dec).Media coverage of musicians is more in Nov/Dec that is a fact. Camouflaging age and continuing with steady state of music is a gift that BMK got it from GOD.
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#227 Re: Balamuralikrishna

Post by Aditto » 03 Dec 2016, 19:53

Some points..

If we consider the entire gamut of musicians as a class, then they are the obedient, rule abiding students; people who are both; people who are mischievous. BMK falls into all these aspects in his career spanning over 80 years.

Also, he is into cine music in woods from Kolly to Tolly. Not all those musicians that a 90 year old rasika idolizes are into film music. We all talk about musicians of musicians and how they are not recognized by the music fraternity. This is all together a different question. And also, we are in a generation with so many media channels which are after any news. So, BMK is like a gift to them. We have all seen how media has exponentially grown in the past few years. In addition to the dry and wet music period a musician leaves his/her mortal coil, the time frame is also important.

And coming to the cine songs, Oru Nal Poduma and the reetigowla song composed by Ilayaraja, do we not have people who throng to concerts of the crowd puller musicians when compared to the ones whom we think give chaste music. We cannot say the crowd puller musicians do not give good music. It is their Janaakarshana Sakti.

Yes, I completely agree to RSachi's point where he displays his supremacy but

And let me tell you I do like BMK and I do dislike BMK :) He is an enigma.
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#228 Re: Balamuralikrishna

Post by varsha » 12 Jan 2017, 08:23

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#229 Re: Balamuralikrishna

Post by shankarank » 24 Jul 2017, 23:56

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