Sethalapathi Balasubramanian

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#26 Re: Sethalapathi Balasubramaniam

Post by shankarank » 02 Dec 2017, 09:12

That was mOhanakalyAni in the recording that he starts in the first clip. Well I didn't know, that rAgA can be so emotional until I heard this! It is a repeat of Tadepalli experience in Music club IITM. If this Man also had sung for some money - I might have heard him there also!

Well there was a lot of discussion about this man in and his sons are no less caliber percussionists probably because of his music, voice and emotion!

Why is money such a barrier on both sides?
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#27 Re: Sethalapathi Balasubramaniam

Post by Sachi_R » 02 Dec 2017, 09:31

Sethalapathi Sir caught our attention here too, and many wrote about him.

I think for all naysayers, all brahmcriminal attention mongers, for all sensationalist alarmists, one dose of a Papanasam Sivan and one dose of a Sethalapathi will do. To cure the malaise for good.
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#28 Re: Sethalapathi Balasubramanian

Post by parivadini » 07 Mar 2019, 11:58

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