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Post by jayaram » 20 Feb 2007, 05:49 ... July55.htm
"A shishya of the late Ariyakudi Ramanuja lyengar, Alleppey Venkatesan is not heard as often as he deserves to be heard. Here again, the reasons could be that he has not taken up music as a profession but sings out of sheer affection for music. He follows the 'Ariyakudi' bani, although in recent concerts, a certain degree of individualism has started making its presence felt. Venkatesan has mastered the art of expounding classical music in a crowdpleasing manner and should prove to be an extremely successful musician if he were to appear on the concert stage more often."

A scholarly singer. Concert recordings of Alleppey Venkatesan are difficult to find.

A lec-dem he gave recently is available here: ... an/LecDem/
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Post by gn.sn42 » 20 Feb 2007, 06:38

Carnatica has released a CD of Alepey Venkatesan: ... php?id=198

A terrific concert - this features Sri Subramanyaya Namaste and an RTP in Kapi.
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Post by mohan » 20 Feb 2007, 09:08

Sri Allepey Venkatesan is the last son of Sri Allepey Parthasarathy (Papasami) Iyengar who was also a disciple of Sri Ariyakudi and a patron of music. PapaVenkatesan's elder sister is Smt Parimala Srinivasan - a sabha secretary who runs Raga Tarangini. Papsami is credited for encouraging Sr Tn Krishnan in his early years as a musician.

Venkatesan is said to have learnt music from Ariyakudi while sitting on his knee! I am not sure how many years he would have learnt from Ariyakudi but is a strong follower of this bani.
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Post by kmrasika » 23 Feb 2007, 09:58

I remember my first hear of his music was tiruppAvai hymns featured on the site, Charangi (long gone defunct). I was mesmerized and hooked from the first song itself. One can only wonder what kind of good music existed those days.... sigh..
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Post by bhaktha » 26 Feb 2007, 15:28

His speeches in english would make one run to the bookstore for a copy of the oxford dictionary. I have always seen that he comes with little preparation and speaks in a very spontanous manner. One should really hear him to appreciate what I have experienced while listening to him speak... Btw, where did he study??:D
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Post by jayaram » 26 Feb 2007, 16:37

I believe he is a chartered accountant by profession. Had his schooling in Kerala, I am sure.

I agree, he has a very good command of the English language. In the early 1990s we had organized a concert of his in the US, and he gave a wonderful speech at the beginning, explaining Carnatic music to a university audience of mostly westerners. He brought out the spritual aspect of our music very well in that talk, as I recall.
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Post by vijay » 26 Feb 2007, 18:18

His speech at TN Krishnan's session on Kharaharapriya for Sampradaya was very good too...
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Post by arasi » 26 Feb 2007, 20:47

In one of those US concerts, Jayaram, he sang tyAgarAajA's 'inta sowkamani' (kApi) which stands out in my mind...
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Post by rajeshnat » 26 Feb 2007, 21:01

jayaram wrote:I believe he is a chartered accountant by profession.
He is a leading chartered accountant by profession. I only listened to one concert year back at saidapet vinayakar temple , when his co-sister and brother sat next to me and told he is usually busy with work as he is a chartered accountant.

I was expecting a lot of R, N and S in that concert (posted that review too here..)and cheekily complained to both(without knowing how they were related till they told me at the end of the concert) , but his concert had so much of viruttams almost everything was very emotive and appeared to be presented as onspot manOdharmam.
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Post by Ragjay » 26 Dec 2007, 21:27

Hi He is not only a gifted singer but also a good Ghatam player. As a boy he accompanied the redoubtable Ramnad Krishnan in the company of T.N.Krishnan way back in 1960.... Ragjay
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