Mudhra and Radha Bhaskar

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#1 Mudhra and Radha Bhaskar

Post by rajeshnat » 05 Dec 2014, 08:07

This sabha Mudhra is going strength to strength. Nice article on Dec 05,2014 in The Hindu ... 661853.ece
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#2 Article on Mudhra in IE

Post by kvchellappa » 01 Dec 2015, 08:12

This is likely to be more on music: ... #page/26/2
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#3 Re: Mudhra and Radha Bhaskar

Post by rajeshnat » 10 Dec 2018, 09:46

Indian Express is making some good strides of course they still have a long way to catch up With the other paper for margazhi coverage.

There was such a long interview of sanjay that url was also available for public consumption with a public url. I tried searching for few writeups in. The Indian Express with the supplement titled mayakkum margazhi to post it here . Our house has not moved from The H to The Indian E.

I just Googled for the write up ,it gives only a top page with just Title and Photo without the article .There was a lovely writeup on Radha and Mudhra Bhaskar when i saw the hardcopy which was distributed at Mudhra sabha in a concert that i attended few days back.

For now you to decipher the text with the picture and title Mudhra - A renaissance of art, culture and music. May be you all know how to also read the body of the content. ... 2127406923

Radha and mudhra bhaskar
Best wishes and continue with your sincerity in organizing with more and more content. I liked the content that i read ,not able to share. If you do have some scanned hardcopy please share.

antha kalathula school la bit adicha mari irukku , for a question we only get one line kirukkal in the bit , rest you figure out and complete the long answer.
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#4 Re: Mudhra and Radha Bhaskar

Post by rajeshnat » 18 May 2019, 21:23

Mudhra Bhaskar .
May 11 at 10:28 PM
Mudhra introduced 32 concepts in 25 Years.

1. 1990 – 4 Hour concert
2. 1995 - Thematic Concerts
3. 1996 – One Raga One Kriti Festival
4. 1996 – One Day Seminars
5. 1997 – Kalpita Festival
6. 1998 – Tala Festival
7. 1999 – Tukkada Festival
8. 2000 – Pallavi Festival
9. 2001 – Janaka Janya Festival
10. 2002 – Tamil Art Festival
11. 2002 – Samudhra Magazine
12. 2002 – Musicians’ Directory
13. 2004 – Mass singing for Global peace by 5000 children
14. 2004 – Music Appreciation Programme
15. 2005 – Music Workshop and Music info Quiz in Schools
16. 2006- Mudhra and Samudhra Online Website
17. 2006 – Drama Festival
18. 2007 – Mudhra Music(Documenting by establishing Videography and editing suite)
19. 2008 – Produced Documentaries on Music legends and Tamil Stage veterans
20. 2009 - Veena Festival
21. 2010 – Yuva Sankeerthan Festival
22. 2010 – Coordinated 108 Mridangam Ensemble in Mysore
23. 2011 – National Conference on Music Appreciation
24. 2012 – Congreggational singing in Corporation Schools
25. 2013 – Launched Paalam – a forum to preserve and propagate on educational aspects in fine arts
26. 2013 – Paalam Web TV
27. 2013 – Special 24 hours shows Kadambam as Deepavali Special
28. 2014 – Produced 52 episodes in Podhigai tv on Laya – titled “Layasamudhra”
29. 2015 – Started Kutcheri Competition and give opportunity for young talents in main slot
30. 2016 – Anubhav Festival – Lecture Demonstration Series
31. 2017 – Launched Paalam Radio – 24x 7
32. 2018 – PaalamTV in HD relay

In the silver jubilee year: Lauching our life mission ...Taking Paalamtv and Radio to Senior Citizen Homes to make music as their companion.

Mudhra... not only a sabha ...also a cultural movement.

Profession (mudhra prints)-25 years 1987-2014
Passion(mudhra sabha)-25 years 1995-2020
Mission accomplished
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#5 Re: Mudhra and Radha Bhaskar

Post by rajeshnat » 18 May 2019, 21:34

I saw a lovely list enlisting the achievements of Mudhra with the above 32 points. I just feel like adding points 33 to 36 to make up their suddha madhyama achivements

33. Mudhra introduced the concept of ticketing with food/coffee coupon attached as part of ticket in december season. That was lovely.No food wastage from organizers side , no over eating from rasikas . It is a nice move to make rasikas to focus on Music first than food.

34. They try sincerely some good ideas to promote music. Around 2007 to 2010 when they gave the hall for our rasikas meet. In those years very young upcoming vidwan and vidushis were given platform to sing for an hour and they lined up from morning to late afternoon with different ideas and themes. The patronage was very poor as they had evening slots and also with more competition from other sabhas . They decided not to pursue with it as it was not working with abyssmal footfalls in that noon and afternoon slots. They realized let us not have evening I and II slot like academy ngs etal instead let us just have one solid evening slot that starts at 06 15 pm. For me that is what i seek as i get atleast 15 to 30 mins extra music for sure that too during weekends that is perfect . All sabhas in the last 4 decades head in the direction of evening I and II slots .Mudhra is different they move back to only one evening slot in december.

35. One of the finest things they did is the hall acoustics . The RKM school hall that they have rented has lot of parking yes so that way they are better than the competition . But with the railway tracks nearby there used to be a lot of sound disturbance that too with long distance train horns in the years 2005 to 2010 . They came up with a lovely idea of putting an artificial barrier in that huge hall towards the last row that way considerable sound disturbance from trains is remedied. Right now we have great experience of full length ,no unobtrusive noise from railway tracks .

36.It is a miracle to see both husband and wife equally contributing to the growth of arts.They really keep a pulse on both rasikas and artists .They give enough time to test ideas and with mudhra running also a printing press they give adequate publicity . With their phenomenal achievements, They are possibly in the league of say SKGS - Yagnaraman , NGS - Krishnaswamy , Academy-Murali ,Aastika samajam- narasimhan sir etal .Their sincerity is always round the clock and they respect both the super accomplished artist and also to be soon super accomplished artist . For both they give a great and steady platform to perform and exhibit the art . A testimony for that is Trichy Sankaran LecDem,UKS Mrudangam Fiber demo in one side and also the young apoorva-anahita concert in evening along with bunch of accomplished stars. Their drama fest is also great(wrote two dramas here), for the very little i have seen them with drama artists they are doing great even with drama festivals.

Best wishes to Mudhra and @radha bhaskar . Let us see and more importantly hear how they ride from 2020 to 2045 with their son jathiswar . I see that their son jathiswar is taking up more role with their parents in mudhra sabha . Best wishes for him to take and run with ideas 37 to 72 . That is all going to happen in years 2020 till 2045.
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