Archana & Aarthi sister twins

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#1 Archana & Aarthi sister twins

Post by shankarank » 07 Jun 2017, 09:16

There was a re-post of a old writeup by Sri K.S Kalidas about them. ... -next.html

After I went thru this, some Google Intelligence pulled up one of their concerts in youtube:

And the rest followed in youtube.

All with many heavy hitters - rare compositions. In the last one rama nannu brOvara - a very effective rendition. Only thing I noticed: they seem intent on pronouncing the svara - the consonantal part too stifly. They could add a bit of drawl, like Ramnad does, to disproportionately increase the vowel sound a bit more and also slide into da and pa in Harikambodhi - instead of a sharp land. May be they have to get comfort at this speed.. or may be those things are out of fashion.

But the sisters are a two to reckon with. Haven't seen recent concerts with reviews.
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