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I would like to know more about Sri Madurai GS Mani. Any info is most welcome.(I came across a recording of an old concert and got curious...) Thanks
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gs mani is one of those rare personalities who has been involved with film music as a music director and still gives carnatic performances with likes of msg-vvs-sivraman as accompanists.
i have met him only once at his residence and his humility is remarkable.
it still beats me as to why artists with such a disarmingly simple approach to their music ,dont get their due in the "chennai " scheme of things.
he has released tapes of his special concert demonstrating the link between carn music and tamil film is an outstanding effort.available in the majorl muisc shops in chennai.

in the concert collectors circuit, his concerts are difficult to get - a great pity-but with the few concerts i have , i can point to some outstanding renderings of ,
cheraravademira,manasa mrudu(Abhogi)naravara raghunandana(Manirangu)Pranapathe(shudhaDhanyasi)Nee Pada(kalavathi)Muchaka Brahma(Madhyamavathi) plus an outstanding rendering of anandamruthakarshini.

It is only in the area of his hindi bhajan rendering that i feel he is less convincing....
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Thanks a lot Coolkarni Sir.
I have one recording of an concert of his(broadcast on AIR way back in 1981). His renditions of "Kaa Guga Shanmuga",the subsequent swarams in Kosalam and "Nachai Vidapu"- (Natta KUrunji, Mysore Vasudevacharya)are really amazing. I was just wondering how come he is not THAT famous. Any more info- whose sishya is he, does he still perform?
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G.S.Mani is a versatile vocalist who handles pure classical and neo-classical with distinction and effect. He has a good, luxuriant and pleasing tone with resonance and is popular with the public.

He had his earlier lessons in music from his mother, Sampoornam Ammal and then under Babu Ayyangar and Dr.P.C.Sitarama Ayyar. He had worked as Assistant Director with M.S.Viswanathan for seven years for films and this has equipped him with a large repertoire of classical music in films and his demonstration concerts draw enormous crowds. His classical music is rich with raga, kriti and swara exposition in the highest traditions.


Poet and composer

A poet-composer in his own right Mani has been able to imbibe the subtle aspects of Hindustani music during his days in Delhi. He was initiated into Carnatic music by his mother, Sampoornammaal, and was then trained by the reputed Nagaswara Vidwan Ayyampettai Venugoapala Pillai, followed by a coaching session under Jalatharangam Babu Iyengar, the grandson of Poochi Iyengar.

Mani's passion for music made him abandon a lucrative job. He has also been associated with Mallisaimannan M.S. Viswanathan. Blessed with an opulent bass, he was invited by Johnson to sing Thyagaraja's `Nenendu Vetukudura' in Karanataka Behaug for the Malayalam movie, `Kudumbasametham.'

During his recent concert held in connection with the Uthram festival at Sree Poornathrayeesa Temple at Thripunithura, Mani kept the audience spellbound with his rendition of compositions by lyricist Thripunithura Jayaprakash for which the former had scored the music. With his genial temperament on and off the stage, Mani has a large following, which was evident from the size of the audience. Mani started with `Panchamukha Ganapathe' in Naatta, to be followed by a glittering Kanada. `Bhajamyaham' was laced with kalpanaswaras of a high order. The individuality of Kalyanavasantham was effectively projected and the vocalist complemented it by `Damodaraa,' which has been written and composed by the singer himself. `Paridanamichithe' (Bilahari) in Khandachappu by Pattanam Subrahmania Iyer was next. Shanmukhapriya with `Kalithakuvalaya,' Bhairavi with `Chinthayami' and Challare in Ahiri, in which Thyagaraja extols the virtue of worship through various flowers, turned out to be as bewitching as only Madurai G.S. Mani could make them so.

A virutham comprising Sudha Saranga, Bageswari and Kaapi preceded `Darsanatho Ghana Syam' in Misra Khamaj. Thrissur Rajendran and Changanassery Harikumar accompanied Mani.

B. Arundhathi scored with a mellifluous Mohanam along with Sreenada Saraswathi and a lovely Kalyani to which was attached Annapoorne in chappu, with a rich design of swara singing. Edappally Jayamohan (violin), Thripunithura Neelakantan (mridangam), Thripunithura Gopalakrishnan (ganjira) and Thripunithura Krishnadas on the edakka accompanied the singer.

Source: ... 580300.htm

Madhurai G. S. Mani
Carnatic Music Singer

A name from a long time ago. That is literally what the Kalaimamani awards of the Tamil Nadu Government this year threw up. And a long pending honour too, rasikas would say.

Madhurai G. S. Mani does not look your typical Carnatic music singer. No elaborate talk or high sounding jargon. He looks more like a sprightly executive types (he is 66 though), a little distant, a little businesslike and very comfortable with himself.

His flat in Besant Nagar, Madras, is unassuming too. No elaborate artefacts and brass or bells. His wife is cutting vegetables for a delicious smelling lunch in the living room - a common practice in middle-class Madras lifestyle.

And she chips in unobtrusively and appropriately with comments during the interview, and shows she has a mind of her own, whether that is to agree or to disagree with him!

Mani spoke to KutcheriBuzz at length about his career and his music. And what he stands for. Excerpts:

How do you feel about being given the Kalaimamani this year?
One should not see when it is given. It is an honour that is given by the Tamil Nadu Government and that means that it is the acknowledgement of all the people of Tamil Nadu.

What is your special bond with Carnatic music?
I am a strong believer in our country and its culture. I also believe that Carnatic music is nothing but Thamizhisai.

Carnatic music belongs to the people of this country and it is for us practitioners to give the people the classicism. I don't know why this should be denied to them, specially by musicians.

But you have been associated with film music too. Is this a dichotomy?
No. The kind of film music I was associated with was rooted in classicism. (He was assistant to music director M. S. Viswanathan in the 1960s during the Viswanathan-Ramamurthi era). We composed the song with the raga in mind and with the import of the lyrics.

But did film music of that era not dilute Carnatic music?
Viswanathan is really known for creating the new genre of light music. He is the King of Light music. Light music replaced classical music, it did not dilute it. The same way Ilayaraja replaced this with folk music. The reach of folk music was tremendous, and the paymasters had changed and this is what they wanted, so it prevailed.

And Rahman has brought in western rhythms killing folk. The logic is, the people want it and we are providing it.

My sadness is that classical is gone now, and we are denying it to the people. There was a question that someone in the audience asked in a panel discussion on this topic I participated in once. He said " I don't know everything about music, and if I ask for poison will you give it to me?"

That is what we are doing now. Giving them poison saying that they want it.

In this context tell us about your experiments with taking classical music to the people.
This was about 30 years ago. In the early 70s, I used to travel a lot for kutcheris and people I met, in trains or at functions would proudly say that they could sing well, or that their wife or child could sing. And they would sing a film song, often flawlessly!

Take for instance they sang the song 'Marainthirunthe paarkum...' from Thillana Mohanambal. I would then say, "Do you know that this song is in the raga Shammukhapriya?" They may not have known that, but they could repeat the original song without distortions. And many of them were intrigued when they are introduced to this side, the background and structure of the music they know.

So I devised a programme outlining the character and structure of our classical music and related it to film songs. It was first done in Tiruppur30 or 35 years ago. A sabha there called Rasikapriya run by M. S. V. Rajan was where I did this show first. There were 300 people. By the third time there were 1500 people and the police had to be there to make sure there was no problem!

They were ordinary people. Not necessarily educated, not necessarily intellectual or elite. It is to all of them that this music belongs and this classicism belongs. I don't know why this should be denied to them, specially by those in the music world.

How was the programme structured? Did you sing film songs and tell them what raga it was in?
No, that is not what I deliver. Film songs they know already. I sang the classical Carnatic songs that were of the same raga.

Why should they know. They are enjoying the music without that knowledge. And in your earlier example of people singing a raga based song flawlessly they are also executing well enough without the knowledge, so...
If you know what you are doing and what it's basis is, you make inroads into classical music. Once you know something about what is attracting you, you will build on it.

An analogy is that if you admire a temple, knowing something about its history and architectural design and style will make you appreciate and understand its grandeur.

What happened to the effort later?
I staged this with my sister Shubhadra and my wife Lalitha assisting me many times. It was released in cassette form also.

I am bringing out something similar in CD form in English for the children of our people who are growing up here and abroad with very little to tie them to our culture. It is also available on the paysite

Madhurai G. S. Mani can be contacted at C-4, Bayview Apartments, Parvati Street, Besant Nagar, Madras - 600 090. Phone: 0091-44-491 3600. e-mail: [email protected]

Source: ... aimani.asp
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kris.thanks for that lovely update are the links to a few nice tracks of gs mani
Your Download-Link: ... i.mp3.html
Download-Link: ... i.MP3.html
Download-Link: ... a.MP3.html
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Thanks coolkarni for those samples!
Any chance of uploading a concert by GSM?
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will do it over the weekend..
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Unable to download from
Can you please upload these concerts to
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rapidshare.. pl try again.i have not heard this complaint before.anyway tomorrow i will be giving the links to one full concert of gs try that out.should be ok.
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I keep getting this message.
You have requested the file Nee_Padapankajamu-Kalavathi.MP3 (14024620 Bytes). This file has been downloaded 3 times already.
IMPORTANT: Download-accelerators are only supported with a PREMIUM-Account!

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In order to finance this webspace, downloads are limited for free-users. This file exceeds your download-limit.
Please wait one hour. Or maybe you want to get a PREMIUM-Account, too? NO subscription! Instant access!

[ Added: 2005-05-22, 15:31 ]
Wow!!! Persistence finally paid off.I was able to download all the songs of GS Mani from Rapid Share
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Waiting for that full concert of GSM
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working on viruttams.

will load gs mani tomorrow
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I have GS Mani's CDs that tries to 'teach' Carnatic Music via the medium of 'old' tamizh movie melodies and it is really awesome! A great buy/gift for someone who is taking their first steps into Carnatic Music....
Ravi Shankar
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Thanks a lot coolkarni!
GS Mani just sparkles. I would love to hear more of him. His presentation is very crisp and particularly he pays attention to preserving the raaga bhava without sacrificing the sahityam.

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Post by meena » 27 May 2005, 07:01

thanks kulkarniji

sree GSM concert can u pl. provide any details if u have. thanku
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Post by divakar » 27 May 2005, 08:56

thanks sri kulkarni,
trying to share the files through rapidshare.
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That Concert was ith VVSubarmaniam-Umayalpuram Sivaraman-Coimbatore 1988
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Post by meena » 27 May 2005, 11:58

kulkarniji thanku for the info/upload.
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this rapidshare really gets on my nerves. Are you guys using the premium account? Is it worth it?
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my apologies for ,making this thread long..

This forum has been mercifully free of arguments and i dont want to start one.However new technologies do throw up new challenges and it is in this context I would like to trace the sequence of events that led to the use of rapidshare here , quite frequently (i frankly never thought i would be rattling your nerves with these links !)
It all started with Ksiyers post on discussing some good recordings in the previous version of this forum.We took some time to figure out who were the players,who would be the commentators and who would be the Ball boys.(and dont forget the huge audience that is watching all this)
And like many things that are good about this forum, I thought it was smooth sailing until I heard your cries .
My own assessment is as follows:
1.Rapidshare is currently the best way to make such threads more appealing .Currently one can observe that there are 10 posts on this thread, and 160 views.
I can track the number of downloads at my end -since i upload it-and for GS manis concerts it stands at 17-still low because of the glitches but is being downloaded every day still).
And I have 14 private messages thanking me for the upload.
So inspite of the drawbacks , it still remains a useful tool , until a better one is discovered.
2.It is the same story with the Viruttams Thread, only the scale is much bigger.I have had these clips with me for years , but the commentaries on the thread have opened up a new world to me.
i am sure it is the same for all the other people who have downloaded it and read the posts. all things that come free, this Ordinary account also has its own shortcomings.I have debated the use of Premium account (since I share a lot of music all over the world)but in the context of this forum we are not looking at bulk downloads to increase our stockpiles.Taking a cue from srkris's info on 10gb of AIR music, the next sequence -in these threads -would probably be a listing of the great programmes, uploading clips on request or at Srkris's discretion and so on.All talk of sharing the cost of an independent site is ok , but rapidshare is still the best bet until it is done.Even then there will always be the problem of Copyrights.I as an individual uploader to rapidshare can plead my innocence successfully to an offended artist -if it comes to that -but for a site to display these tracks for download may run into problems.(pl dont assume everything is smooth with the X Drives-Well meaning enthusiasts have run into trouble).
4.And to top it all , this forum has that wonderful private messaging option , which can put us on a different mode of sharing , when needed, on a personal level.
The fact that 10 users from Bangalore who have picked up 100 GB worth of selected recordings for sharing between themselves-AFTER I POSTED ON THIS SITE- is a testimony to the fact that this forum is becoming a wonderful tool indeed , for the spread of this rare heritage.

To sum it up, thanks for raising this so that I can look forward to the administrators verdict..
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Post by ksiyer » 01 Jun 2005, 17:58

Dear SR Kris & Kulkarni,

You are doing wonderful things.

I have downloaded some files from Rapidshare also.

we can move slowly only.

wish you all success

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I have no intention of starting an arguement. I was only letting loose my frustration at the wait for an hour message and it was NOT against anyone or against the idea at all. I only wanted to know whether anyone else has a premium account and how they felt about it. At the end of the day once the downloading succeds you end up with a smile ( no pains no gains!)

I fully appeciate your effort and time.

Best wishes

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Post by meena » 01 Jun 2005, 23:19

hi pramodh

would we nice if u too follow what u preach- discuss subject related to the topic!
Just take it easy!

with rapidshare all u need is patience and luck :)
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Post by pramodh » 02 Jun 2005, 03:12

hi meena,

:frown: :frown: I am discussing related to the topic.(downloading some exceptional music by Madurai G S MANI ) :lol:

I have attended one of his concerts live many years back. His bass voice is next only to MDR.

I agree on patience and luck. Unfortunately yesterday, I had neither, but today was better though I still havent finished yet ( with the downloading)
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