Anahita and Apoorva Ravindran

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#1 Anahita and Apoorva Ravindran

Post by SrinathK » 27 Mar 2019, 22:15

It's time these two need a thread. I first heard a recording of them singing the Oothukadu Venkata Kavi navAvarnams and saptaratnams on the Tube and realized I was listening to a pair of rare talents. Their concert at the Academy last year (best prize in that slot) was the first time I heard them live and IIRC, I really felt that day that we've found the next RaGa. They have a complete package - excellent voices, rich creativity, virtuosity without loss of aesthetics, a vast repertoire, concert planning, laya skill and bhava and sing with a maturity beyond their years.

Anahita and Apoorva are currently disciples of Chitraveena Ravikiran and have been learning from him for well over a decade now. Sruthi magazine had an article of them from long back : ... s&artId=21

I'm just coming back from this concert today : -- the webcast audio quality captured by the camera is crap in comparison to the true sound of the live mikeless concert at Arkay's Hall (where for once I heard what voices and instruments actually sound like with my own ears when no one is fighting for more and more volume), so it might not get the appreciation it warrants. But the OVK saparatnam and the navAvarnam, the swarakalpana for birAna brOva, the suruTTi main number and especially parama purusham of Narayana Theertha are special highlights - some concerts are very good, but this one was genius level for me.
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#2 Re: Anahita and Apoorva Ravindran

Post by rajeshnat » 28 Mar 2019, 11:03

Great of you to open a seperate thread to these two sisters.

IF my memory is right , my first concert of theirs in SKGS mini they sang a rare bhairavi OVK krithi but I remember very distinctly the alapana of sparkling chandrajyothi . Also on a very rare occasion these sisters along with JB keerthana (Mahavishnu some time back in the forum said that srutisagar / keerthana and these sisters are cousins). They participated in a lecdem with Jayalakshmi sekhar (vainika). THat day these two with keerthana sang the 9 abhayambA krithis of mayuram by muttuswami dikshitar. I am told by some acquaintance, the younger apoorva has also caught up well with anahita , though many years back at that time apoorva was considerably younger to anahita. I am yet to hear the already caught up apoorva . Looking forward to hear them soon.

Best wishes to these sisters Anahita and Apoorva. They are indeed a talent to watch .
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