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Post by rajeshnat » 11 May 2019, 11:11

There was a write up in The Hindu dated May 05th,2019 where Young Aravind Ranganathan is introduced . His love for sadguru Thyagaraja is covered in detail. Aravind has learnt violin from T.H. Gurumoorthy (brother of Vikku Vinayakram) and also vocal from R Vedavalli.

Very nice that Lalitha Ramachandran is giving a parvivadhini platform for aravind ranganathan to discuss thyagarajas Gana raga pancharatna only , a lecdem only in :arrow: incisors , canines, pre molars , molars and wisdom teeth :D . Best wishes for a great lecdem, only a dental doctor could do it. I kind of have a hunch that Aravind may have participated in this forum considering that he is young and very likely knows the forum , but my hunch is usually only half times right. ... 080451.ece
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