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Post by poornashadjam » 14 Dec 2008, 18:43

Sri Susarla Sivaram (Late) is a Great Musician and an excellent teacher from andhra pradesh. He belongs to the Tyagaraja parampara. His grand father Susarla Dakshina Murthy was a disciple of Manabuchavadi Venkata Subbaiah. He has served as lecturer at the Thyaraja Govt Music college , Hyderabad. He was a highly acclaimed musician and a simple person. In his short span of life he specialized in rendering with ease complex vivadi and vakra raagas and showed extraordinary concentration in rendering complicated raagam taanam pallavis.His RTPs are intricate and interesting ones - his Bahu/Dwi raga RTPs are a treat to music lovers and students of music. He has also composed music to numerous Annamacharya kirtanas. He died in 1985 at a young age . In Hyderabad , at his residence , during Sivaratri period his aradhana is celebrated in a simple manner.

I am very fortunate to be his student at the Music college in Hyderabad. His other more famous students are Sri D Raghavachari(Hyd Bros) , Smt Amruthavalli Sundaram, Sundari Janakiraman and many more.

Some of his renditions are available in the link ... music-mp3/ ... index.html

N Sridhar
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Post by vijay » 14 Dec 2008, 21:26

He has certainly produced some very bright students!
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Post by vasanthakokilam » 14 Dec 2008, 21:30

Sridhar: I listened to a few pieces of your guru ( Mohanam, Bilahari, Begada so far ) and they are excellent. ( reminiscent of Sri. V.V. Sadagopan. )
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Post by shrinik » 26 Jun 2017, 13:05

Thanks for the information sir!
I am blessed to be a student of smt sundari jankiraman.
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