T.M.Krishna @ Music Academy, Chennai (23 Dec 2006)

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Venue: TTK Auditorium, The Music Academy, TTK Road, Chennai

Date: 23 Dec 2006

Organizer: The Music Academy

Vocal: Sri T.M.Krishna (TMK)

Violin: Sri S.Varadarajan

Mridangam: Sri Poongulam Subramaniam

Khanjira: Sri B.S.Purushottaman

List of songs:

1) chelimi kOri (varnam) - gOwLa - Adi - vINA kuppaiyer

2) alakalalla lADaga - madyamAvati - rUpakam - thyAgarAja (OS)

3) brOchEvA - khamAs - Adi - mysore vAsudEvAchAr (AS)

4) AnandEshwarEna - Anandabhairavi - misra chApu - muthuswAmi dIkshitar (A)

5) garuDagamana - nAgaswarAvaLi - rUpakam - paTTaNam subramaNya iyer

6) dAsharatE - tODi - Adi - thyAgarAja (ANST)

7) mahishAnti mUrtim - nATTakurinji - Adi - v.v.srIvatsA (?)

8 ) rAgam tAnam pallavi - saraswati - chatusra rUpakam (2 kaLai)

pallavi wordings: "umA ramA saraswatI, sEvita shiva yuvati"

kalpana swarams in saraswati, sahAnA, kAmbOji

9) tandai tAyum (viruttam) - mAyAmALavagOwLa, yadukulakAmbOji, varALi & kharaharapriyA

navasidhI peTrAlum - kharaharapriyA - misra chApu - nIlakanTa sivan

10) adi nIpai (jAvaLi) - yamunAkalyANi - Adi - dharmapuri subbarAyar

11) pavamAna (mangaLam) - sowrAshTram - Adi - thyAgarAja

mangaLam kOsalEndrAya (slOkam) - suruTTi

(Key: O=raga outline, A=raga alapana, N=neraval, S=kalpana swaram, T=taniavartanam)

TMK sang to an almost packed auditorium at The Music Academy (well, at least the balcony and the stage were packed). Beginning with the gOwLa varnam "chelimi kOri", he then sang Sri Tyagaraja's madyamAvati kriti "alakalalla lADaga" in which he put racy and attractive kalpana swarams at "samayamuna tyAgarAja". A slow and moving "AnandEshwarEna" followed a song later. To me, the tODi alapana by Sri TMK and the saraswati alapana by Sri S. Varadarajan were the highlights of the beautiful concert.

The pallavi in the saraswati RTP "umA ramA saraswatI, sEvita shiva yuvati" was structured as follows (B=beat): starts at samam - umA (1B) ramA (1.5B) sara (1B) swa (0.5B) tI (+gap= 3.5B) sE (1B) vita (1B) shiva (1B) yuvati (1.5B). Total = 12B = count of chatusra rUpakam (2 kaLai).

Sri S. Varadarajan was simply brilliant throughout and proved why he is one of the best in the business. Sri Poongulam Subramaniam and Sri B.S.Purushottaman played a taniavartanam comprising chatusra and tisra naDais.

One of the most disturbing issues with a packed house surfaced many times today - the issue of people farting at will, the effect lingering on for a while and then someone else taking over the mantle :( Someone needs to think of a solution to this acute problem ..... may be air freshener sprays get turned on automatically very close to the point of release serving the double purpose of resolving the problem as well as pointing out the criminal ;)

Source: http://ramsabode.wordpress.com/2006/12/ ... y-chennai/

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Post by vsnatarajan »

Just close the kitchen.

I simply cannot understand this.
People should go carnatic performance with a soul aim of seeking God through Music and should re live the great saints when their kirthis are being sung. The pathos in the ragas are the vehicles that take us to His Feet..

Would not be surprise if future concerts 50 years hence are in a Lounge Style.

People will be humming along ‘dAsharatE nI ruNamu dIrpa nA’ asking Rama how they can repay their debts for having been served a Budweiser on a frosted Glass, listening to the Todi.

In contrast, I just rushed home early, lit the Kuthu Villaku and tuned in to jaya TV, in time to catch Sudha.

A serene voyage with Sudha singing all Mahalakshmi krithis.

Strictly My two cents--- All these.

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Post by vijay »

Hi Ram, nice concert as you mention. I mistook the taalam for Tisra Jhampa (for the sole reason that the artist is known to prefer the Jhampa taalam for Pallavis) - of course the matra count would be the same and it is also difficult to make out from the time-keeping since the difference is only one finger count (Rupakam - 4th beat) instead of the Anudrutam. If the tala is not clear from the way time is kept is there any way one can distinguish (perhaps from the percussionist's sollus?)

I have to disagree with you, however, on your stink-busting solution. I was once interviewing the owner of an amusement park during which he got a sales call from a guy who developed a product similar to the one you suggest - just add a bucket of the solution to the wave-pool in the morning and any "unauthorized additions" would turn the water in the surrounding area purple...the owner was aghast - "ayyo saar" he wailed - "the whole pool will turn purple within minutes!"

I have never been to a water park since...alas I cannot do the same for carnatic music...

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Post by ram »

LOL ..... though my stink busting solution might not succeed in labeling the criminals as you say, it would probably still freshen the air a bit. May be we can modiy the solution and have a few sprays happening intermittently irrespective of the position of the source of the trouble.

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Post by rajeshnat »

Or just a balance that needs to be there in the caterers choice ,They can just serve idli , dosa, coffee , not the poori urulakayangu .

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Post by jayaram »

One of the most disturbing issues with a packed house surfaced many times today - the issue of people farting at will, the effect lingering on for a while and then someone else taking over the mantle
Hmm, are you sure that wasn't a naadaswaram concert you went to? :)
Maybe they should stop selling all those paruppu-vadais at the canteen.

Solution: keep an air freshener with you, and squeeze on it whenever these 'incidents' happen!

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#7 Re: T.M.Krishna @ Music Academy, Chennai (23 Dec 2006)

Post by sreebeecane »

Was just looking at this list and I am left wondering as to what happened and what changed.

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#8 Re: T.M.Krishna @ Music Academy, Chennai (23 Dec 2006)

Post by Sachi_R »

Sir, I will focus on what is a normal problem like audience apaanavaayu and not TMK's changed priorities.

You can directly attribute such physical manifestations to an excess of canteen food and an excess of sitting through concerts.

It is reliably learnt that Facebook etc. are working in 2020 on an AI solution combining vibratometry, smell sensors and mild electric shocks at key acupressure points to mitigate such unpleasant discharges.
An advanced model with 5G etc. will enable even the disturbed neighbour to trigger the therapeutic mild shocks in the smell-causing neighbour/s.

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#9 Re: T.M.Krishna @ Music Academy, Chennai (23 Dec 2006)

Post by shankarank »

A "What if somebody ran the canteen?" thread is fresh in memory. ;) . May be reordering the serving of items, or mellowing down and making it less volatile - would have helped ;) .

But a decision was made given the aging demographics with ever reducing metabolism and stuffed with pills, to choose younger blood out on the fresh air spaces. Curated spaces with overdose of perfume have their own minor irritants, will cause sneeze and allergies also. :lol:

Masks were unavoidable once it got to pembroke! That's right - wear masks! :lol:

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