Aishwarya Vidya Raghunath-Ranjani Ramakrishnan-Delhi Sairam

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#1 Aishwarya Vidya Raghunath-Ranjani Ramakrishnan-Delhi Sairam

Post by srikant1987 » 02 Jan 2012, 06:05

01 Jan 2012
Naada Inbam
@ Raga Sudha Hall

kArubAru - mukhAri - Adi - T
anupamaguNAmbudhi - aThANa - khaNDacApu - T
ETi janmamidi - varALi - mishracApu - T (RNS)
smarasundara - paras - Adi
mOsamAyE - Ahiri - mishracApu - kShEtrajna
sapashyat kausalyA - jOnpuri - Adi
a song in suruTTi set to rUpakacApu

Aishwarya sang pieces in a somewhat slower kAlapramANam, but maintained it well. This made the kArubAru seem a little dragging, and even the aThANa number didn't really quicken things up.

The varALi AlApanai was done very beautifully, with the rAgam being made clear in the very first phrase. It was very comprehensive and aesthetic. Ranjani's AlApanai was good too. She had tuned the G string to mandra pa and so on.

The krti was very nicely rendered. The slow kAlapramANam improved things here. :D

The tani was really nice. Delhi Sairam also accompanied krtis and the neraval and swaram rounds for ETi janmamidi nicely, which themselves were quite unhurried, well-structured and nicely executed. Koraippu was done to the eDuppu itself.

The heavy post-main choices were heartening.
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