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Walking the royal path: Sandeep Narayan

Review the latest concerts you have listened to.
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Walking the royal path: Sandeep Narayan

Post #1 by fiddler » 06 May 2012, 01:30

Two songs of St.Tyagaraja comes to my mind when listening to Sandeep Narayan....Chakkani Rajamargamu and Ni Samanamu Evvaru…This young man is walking the royal path to glory and there's none among his peers who can be compared to his vidwat !

I am not going to review every song or list… I'll let his blog do the job : ... ornia.html

No song list will convey the emotions of listening him live ! All I can say : A worthy disciple to a worthy guru !

Cheers !
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Re: Walking the royal path: Sandeep Narayan

Post #2 by Lakshman » 06 May 2012, 03:45

He is going to get to the top very quickly. His concerts are super.
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Re: Walking the royal path: Sandeep Narayan

Post #3 by tkb » 06 May 2012, 09:21

talent, passion and dedication does not always go tother and here in his case they are abundant and merge as one! Congrats to him and all the very best!
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Re: Walking the royal path: Sandeep Narayan

Post #4 by sreebeecane » 07 May 2012, 03:19

I have heard him a couple of times. Extremely impressive manodharmam - his handling of vivadi ragas is very impressive. :-)

In my opinion, his pronunciation isn't up to the mark but I guess he will be able to iron those out soon. If I may say this, lacks sowkhyam too.

But yes, kudos to Sanjay for moulding good students.
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