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Ranjani & Gayatri @ Melbourne AUS, 23rd Feb'13

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Ranjani & Gayatri @ Melbourne AUS, 23rd Feb'13

Post #1 by vivek@mel » 23 Feb 2013, 19:36

Ranjani and Gayatri presented a delightful concert at Kel Watson Theatre, Melbourne. It was their second concert in the city on this tour.
Starting with a simple and pleasing Kalyani Varnam, they displayed their dexterity in style with a variety of songs.

The main Kriti was a Tyagaraja composition Lalite sripravridha in Bhairavi, which was followed by the lightning fast composition in Pashupathipriya ragam, and a scintillating RTP on Khamas, viruttam and the most awaited Ranjani Gayatri Signature Abhang .

They also sang Krishna nee begane upon request by the audience, which brought goosebump, probably on everyone in the packed crowd.

Vanajakshi - kalyani - Adi
Sakalagriha balanine- atana - khandachapu
Shri valli devasenapathe - natabhairavi - Adi
Enna ganu ramabhajana - pantuvarali - roopakam
Chitham irangatha - sahana - misrachapu
Lalite sripravridha - Bhairavi - Adi
Saravanabhava - pashupathipriya - Adi
RTP Khamas - brochevare varura - khandajathi tripuda - Ragamalika on saranga, ritigowla, revati, jog
Viruttam :Maalada - shanmugapriya, brindavana saranga, behag
Aadum chidambaramo - behag
Krishna nee begane (yamunakalyani)- on request
Abhang - sada mazhe dola- Mishra markauns

They were accompanied by H.N.Bhaskar on Violin and Delhi Sairam on Mridangam.
It was the same evening when the city rocked on a white night, and Shreya Ghoshal stole the gala desi crowd; Melbourne's multicultural blend and trend are truly exceptional!
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Re: Ranjani & Gayatri @ Melbourne AUS, 23rd Feb'13

Post #2 by kssr » 06 Mar 2013, 19:30

Any idea if they are back in India?
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Re: Ranjani & Gayatri @ Melbourne AUS, 23rd Feb'13

Post #3 by mahavishnu » 06 Mar 2013, 21:02

I believe they are touring NZ. ... land/epsom

Sam or MV would know more details.
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Re: Ranjani & Gayatri @ Melbourne AUS, 23rd Feb'13

Post #4 by arasi » 07 Mar 2013, 04:35

Was the viruttam mAnADa mazhuvADa?
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