All India Radio National Program ,Violin Solo by Dr.M.Narmadha on 28.10.17 from 9.30 pm to 11 pm.

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#1 All India Radio National Program ,Violin Solo by Dr.M.Narmadha on 28.10.17 from 9.30 pm to 11 pm.

Post by jananinarayanan » 30 Oct 2017, 12:24

Hello Dear Friends,

As I was listening to this wonderful broadcast,all that struck my mind was the beautiful melodious music.
In fact I felt that this bowing was awesome and Gowla the opening piece,SriMahaGanapathi had a trendy challenging tempo.
I have heard this song being performed by Shri MSG in his earlier concerts.
In the later concerts ,MSG Sir included more of Siddhi Vinayakam in Shanmukhapriya.
The Gowla song was followed by Devamanohari , Tyagaraja's eternal Kanna Tanri Naapai.
With a crisp essence raaga ,the song took off in pleasant pleasing tempo .
The next lesser known song,I think I heard it for the first time was Kaarunya Kanda Kaanamudha in Dhavalambari.
I must say that the announcement in Hindi and English was very informative and neatly fitted well in the program presentation.
The main was Bhairavi..
What an expansive,amazing erudite traditional rendering it was.
Tanayuni Brova of Tyagaraja was handled well with Niraval and Svarams.
SJ.ArjunGanesh on the Mridangam and H.Prasanna,Ghatam gave splendid support in the concert.
The Behag was just soaked in the romantic Hindustani touch mesmerising my soul in the pleasant night that the broadcast was on,well past beyond 10.30 pm.
It reverberated again and again...

I heard the announcement as Annamacarya"s
" Narayana The Namo Namo".
Dhanasree Tillana marked the conclusion of the concert.
What a brilliant choice of songs and composers.
This concert directly connected me to her Legendary Father Shri MSG Sir.

Well!!! i have watched Dr.Narmadha as she performed with her father in many concerts and her eyes keenly focussed on her father's violin at all times.

She is the true meaning of the legendary Parur MSG style and every song showed her utter Reverence and her total allegiance to her Bani.
Please let me know if the You tube upload of this recording is available.

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#2 Re: All India Radio National Program ,Violin Solo by Dr.M.Narmadha on 28.10.17 from 9.30 pm to 11 pm.

Post by sivachandran » 30 Oct 2017, 12:35

Hi Janani,

I agree that this was one of Dr.Narmadha"s brilliant outstanding concert.
Dhavalambari was exquisite,an almost never heard Raga in the present day concerts.
I think this is the 49 th Mela.
The Patantara Shuddha in each song with such clarity deserves a special mention.
Bhairavi ,Tanayuni Brova....

The raaga Alapana was a class by itself
The impeccable rendering of the Bhairavi Alapana soaked in Bhava was captured by brilliant typical sangathis leading to this song.What a legendary Bhairavi it was !!!

The typical MSG Sir style with Sawaal Jawab was evident in the swara portion in Bhairavi.
Bhairavi demonstrated her Fertile Manodharma in Raga Alapanai and the cascading swara prastara one after the other was exciting .
Tanayuni Brova is one of the legendary compositions of Tyagaraja .I heard this song earlier rendered by the legendary Brinda Amma.
All India Radio broadcast was very good. .Yes..The announcement in Hindi and then English was very informative.
Dr.Narmadha with Felicity in both Hindustani and Karnatic is a unique popular violinist whose music captures both young and old alike.
Even as I searched the internet I found her accomplishments of a rare kind.
She is a multi combination of violin,vocal,research in both Hindustani and Karnatic. She is a writer and has authored several articles .
I wish to thank All India Radio for such culturally rich broadcast. :)

Congratulations Dr.Narmadha!!!
0 x

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