Balamuralikrishna at Nadasurabhi

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#1 Balamuralikrishna at Nadasurabhi

Post by kvchellappa » 03 Nov 2017, 09:24

Vidwan Kunnakudi M Balamuralikrishna (BMK) Vocal
Vidushi H.M. Smitha Violin
Vidwan Arjun Kumar Mridangam
Vidwan Ranganatha Chakravarthy Ghatam

Early part of the concert covered:
1. Era Napai Thodi varnam
2. Ilalo Atana
3. Mayamma Ahiri
4. Paridanamicchide Bilahari
5. Teliyaleru Rama Dhenuka
6. Sri Kanthimathim Hemavathi

BMK gave an outline of Thodi possibly to test the mike with which he had issues in the middle also. It immediately brought Somu to my mind, a musician I always liked for the intensity, commitment and eagerness to satisfy the audience, and that memory continued as the concert progressed. He had a round of swaras.
The overture over, BMK tried to order Siva in Atana that was gripping and majestic, but Siva does not take peremptory calls. There was an exploratory short alapana. Brief swaraprastara was there.
So, BMK changed strategy and appealed to Minakshi in supplicant Ahiri that was moving right through.
Then came a longish Bilahari alapana that was bold, but he continued in the pleading mood with Paridanamicchide. Neraval was done at Rokkamitsudaku.
He now turned to Rama confessing lack of devotion in a melodious Dhenuka.
The main piece came in the form of Hemavathi, with a long alapana.
Smitha was superb both in accompanying and while returning alapana or swaras.
Someone can add what happened later and more of what happened in the early part.
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#2 Re: Balamuralikrishna at Nadasurabhi

Post by braindrain » 03 Nov 2017, 10:05

kvchellappa wrote:
03 Nov 2017, 09:24
Someone can add what happened later and more of what happened in the early part.
RTP in laLita , tishra triputa
thillAna in dhanAshrI
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