VignEsh Ishwar - IFAA - Dallas - Nov 4th 2017

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#1 VignEsh Ishwar - IFAA - Dallas - Nov 4th 2017

Post by shankarank » 09 Nov 2017, 11:24

Vidwan Vignesh Ishwar on Vocal
Vidwan L Ramakrishnan on Violin
Vidwan Akshay Anantapadmanabhan on Mridangam
Vidwan K V Gopalakrishnan on Kanjira

1. Might have missed a vArnam
2. nIlAyadakshi - paras - triSra tripuTa
3. darbAr Alapana - Mundu vEduka - Nerval @ O Gaja Rakshaka - Adi 2 kaLai - tyAgarAja
4. arunAcala nAtham - sAranga - rUpakam - dIkshitar
5. vinatA suta vAhana - jayantasEna - Adi - tyAgarAja
6. kAmbodhi Alapana - SrI raghuvara apramEya - svarams (forget where it was) - tani
7. viruttam - aram cArdu vazhvOr - MM Gowla, aTAna kApi

Left @ this point.

They had a smile on their faces - Vignesh turned to KVG - as I walked in. I guess they recognized me as the complainer of G. Ravikiran audio settings.

2 & 3 were sung with good execution setting up a nice mood for the concert. Akshay intruded with good syncopated plays for (2).
4 was a slow filler.
5. I don't think there were svarams ( I did not take detailed notes) . I remembered the Mudra event of TMK 2002/3 with TKM/Anirudh (Kid then) which was interrupted as TKM fell ill vomiting. svarams were @ mata bhAda - a vervy one.

I'd say that Vignesh sounds very much a comfortable singer @ this point. Akshay & KVG flowed along nicely.

6. kAmbodhi Alapana on the ascent was tentative. mgm handling fell into SankarAbarANam territory quite a few times and pnd went into kamAs. And a kambodhi like phrase was rendered to compensate. On the higher stAyi he dealt out a chaste kAmbodhi and he did not have issues when rendering the kriti. Some melharmonic kAmbodhi it was ;) kAmbOdhikkum mUrchanaiyellam unDu pOlirikkiratu.

Violinist had a cautious start in the reply - getting tyAgaraja to rescue by using O ranga sAyee phrase!

tani was a lifter. My notes missing details - I think they played miSram in the second part and started exchanging in the same nADai.

When Vignesh sings fast verses in sAhitya - words were not clear - I was told he checked out the auditorium without Mikes and reported a large echo . It is a Church and more for choirs?

But sound arrangement overall was good - I had to reseat myself @ the back on center rows below gallery for a better sound experience. Vignesh's mike was facing him squarely!
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#2 Re: VignEsh Ishwar - IFAA - Dallas - Nov 4th 2017

Post by arasi » 11 Nov 2017, 05:01

3: mundu venuka
virutham: aRam sArndu??
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#3 Re: VignEsh Ishwar - IFAA - Dallas - Nov 4th 2017

Post by shankarank » 11 Nov 2017, 11:53

Yes. Thanks for pointing out. Past the window for edits. aRam sArndu - apparently a Dallas resident composed? I heard something to that effect from those who stayed back until the end ( i.e. Vignesh acknowledging something in this regard)!
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