Amritha [email protected] on Oct 02nd,2018

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#1 Amritha [email protected] on Oct 02nd,2018

Post by rajeshnat » 04 Oct 2018, 17:31

Amritha [email protected] on Oct 02nd,2018
Vocal : Amritha Murali
Violin : Dr R Hemalatha
Mrudangam : B GanapathyRaman
Ghatam : N Guruprasad

Concert Type : Nirvana - No concert to follow ;Free concert
Day/Duration : GandhiJayanthi holiday /Tuesday/2 hours and 35 mins
sabha/Hall : nAdainbam - ragasudha hall

1A. slokham -sadguru bhAjasya vAni....shree saradhAm - ?? -??
1B.ninnnE kOri (varnam)- kAnadA - Thiruvottiyur Thyagayya??

2. Shankari neevani ninnu (Raga sktech,S)- bEgaDa- subbaraya sastri
6 mins swaras

3. sArasAksha pariapAlayamAm (R N S) - pantuvarAli - ST
6 mins alapana and 4 mins violin return
6 mins neraval in bhAmini samudhAya
5 mins swaras

4. raghuveera ranadheera (R,S) - husEni - T
6 mins alapana and 4 mins violin return
3 mins swaras

5. kAmakshi (Ragasketch) - yadhukulakAmbOdhi - SS
6. vachAmagO -kaikavashi- T

7A. Adiya pAda iruvargal (R N S T) - shankarabharanam - GKB
12 mins alapana and 6 mins violin return
neraval in pallavi line and swaras - both 11 mins
7B. tani for 8 mins

8. slokham - vevekinam mahApraghyam dhairyam - kApi - bharathi theerta swami on his guru vidhya theerta swami of sringeri
9. kamalasana vanditha - nottuswaras sahityam - sankarabharanam - MD

10. shanthi nilava vendum - thillang - sethumadhavarao
11. hari tum harO - darbari kAnadA - meera bhajan
12. pavamAna
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#2 Re: Amritha [email protected] on Oct 02nd,2018

Post by rajeshnat » 04 Oct 2018, 17:32

Oct 02nd being a holiday, i had 3 choices , a little distant saketaraman in nanganallur , 2 mylapore choices one in Luz(North)with Arkay featuring the duo of Brinda M and Vidya Kalyanraman and finally in Luz(South) with some sponsor helping thru naadainbam banner to have vidushi Amritha Murali featured . Personally it was 2 back to back concerts in the last week of me hearing Amritha Murali. I never felt any dullness anywhere particularly with Amritha Murali performing a notch better in naadainbam .

She started with a slokham on goddess sharadAmbal , it was the same slokham that she sang few days back , the raga was different . She then segued to a kAnadA alapana sketch .She surprised me by not singing the more popular nera nammiti instead she sang the ninnE kOri varnam. KAnada varnam was well sung, the next that followed was begada. Begada as #2 was a nice drop and i particularly liked this number this krithi gives bit more begada oomph to me , swaras were well done , bit of dynamics was missing with percussion team still a satisfying begada

Paramaguru Semmangudi owns pantuvarali and sarasAksha. PantuvarAli is usually an aggressive raga and amritha kept pantuvarali in that controlled aggression path. Bhamini neraval was well sung , the symmetry of swaras in pantuvarali usually brings a shade of extra kalaikattufying feel and i indeed liked amritha's pantuvarali rendition, she showed she is an excellent semmangudi 2nd generation disciple.

The days best was indeed the combo of huseni and yadhukulakAmbOdhi. Huseni emote was excellent and amritha distilled huseni rakthi with her fine aesthetics . The santhanam favourite raghuveera ranadheera padhandharam was different from the way amritha started raghuveera but it was well done huseni. The most premium number in CM concerts is the SS swarajati drop for me , I adore yadhukulakAmbOdhi swarajathi and Amritha performed splendidly with the swarajati- nice words with layer and layer of progressive thrust ,what a gem shyama sastri gave with swarajati, it is one unbelievable swarajathi in that impactful yadhukulakambodhi.

kaikavashi filler was just fast krithi .95% musicians only sing suggestive fast krithi , they dont continue with the momentum with fast swaras. Amritha fell in the 95% bucket . Kaikavashi was just good . The main was shankarabharanam and the alapana was a nice spread of sowkhyam with limited thrust in voice power . I have personally not heard this rare GKB number AdiyapAda and I was kind of thinking at that point that MD krithi of either akshayalinga or dakshinamoorthE may follow but she surprised by taking this rare GKB thamizh krithi. The neraval was in the same pallavi line and she did not do much justice. Swaras were measured in shankarabharanam and she had quite a few interesting pattterns

All the tukkadas were well done some lady in the front asked vaishnava janatO being gandhi jayanthi.Amritha politely said I will sing hari tum and also admitted she did not know vaishnava janatO .Her darbari was well done . The preceding shanthi nilava vendum was sung very well . The first tukkada slokham was sringeri blockbuster lovely kapi lines she announced that slokham was by bharathi teertha swami on his guru vidhyatheertha swami . The only md drop was a nice nottuswara sahithya number .

Dr hemalatha is a very underrated artist .She refuses each time and every time to tag any sangathi to be typecasted as a violin vadhya supremacy sangathi . She continues to go with the flow of the artist with a nice shruthi suddham, the best play was her huseni. Ganapathy Raman played well but I still would like little more right valandhai aggression to create bit more sound(aggression not as rock music but just to give more mrudhu angam vibrancy). Ganapathy teamed up well to give a short and concise tani. Krishna in ghatam is gaining more strength and he gave great support

Possibly bit more neraval and swaras in shankarabharanam would have made it better . Amritha Murali gave a very balanced and intensely focused sampradaya kutcheri with great spread of composers. Her preparation was very meticulous and showed balance and brilliance of different vageyakkaras . Personally I am not that acclimatized with Sringeri deity and sringeri jagathguru slokhams , she gave few of them and both indeed touched with musical bhakthi .

Overall an excellent concert for 2 hours and 35 minutes.
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#3 Re: Amritha [email protected] on Oct 02nd,2018

Post by sankark » 04 Oct 2018, 21:33

rajeshnat wrote:
04 Oct 2018, 17:32

Dr hemalatha is a very underrated artist .

Overall an excellent concert for 2 hours and 35 minutes.
True dat.

Featured in parivadini is this?
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#4 Re: Amritha [email protected] on Oct 02nd,2018

Post by MaheshS » 05 Oct 2018, 00:57

Sadguru Gajasya Vani - is the slokam by Sringeri Periayava.

RK Shriramkumar and all of his sishyas start with the slokam now a days. -> Listen to the beginning, or Google any Lec Dem of his or sishyas and you will hear it. Been in a lot of ragas, but I prefer Shankarabaranam!
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