Bharat Sunder Vocal Concert at Dallas Namadwaar 30 Sept 2018

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#1 Bharat Sunder Vocal Concert at Dallas Namadwaar 30 Sept 2018

Post by SrividyaC » 07 Oct 2018, 05:02

Shri Bharat Sunder- Vocals
Shri Rajeev Mukundan - Violin
Shri Tanjavur Murugabhoopathy - Mridangam
Shri Sriram Natarajan - Kanjira

List of pieces:
Arrived late to the program and missed the first hour! :(
- Satre Vilagi irum Pilla : Purvi Kalyani, Rupakam, Shri Gopalakrishna Bharati. Shri Bharat rendered niraval on the last charanam: Pattiyil karai kandavan paarthu paarthu undavan. He ended few of the niravals on -Sa-Da, thus the line became "sadaa pattiyil karai kandavan".
- Kanugonu Sowkhyamu : Naayaki, Adi Talam, Shri Tyagaraja., with Kalpana Swarams
- Nagumomu Ganaleni : Aabheri, Adi Talam, Shri Tyagaraja., with Kalpana Swarams
- Pachai Maa Malai Pon Meni :Raagamaalika. Composer Shri Thondaradippodi Azhwar
- Muralidhara Gopala: Maand, Adi Talam, Shri Periyasaami Tooran
- Krishna Nee Begane Baaro: Yamuna Kalyaani, Shri Vyasaraaya
- Thani Avarthanam Mridangam and Kanjira
Shri Bharat Sunder accepted a few audience requests, singing his own Thillana composition in Dwijavanthi, and a Desikar Prabandham by Shri Vedanta Desikar on the feet of Sriranga Perumal set in Mishra Jhumpa Taalam. I could not understand the verses but this is the gist: a Raagamaalika in 8 ragams including Atana, Saaranga (rest unknown). The verse went: "Oru Sakadamudaiya oru podhil ..." Request to fellow rasikas to please provide the full verse and raagas is they know it. Google search didn't give me any results :geek:
A 3 hour concert; there was great camaraderie between the artistes with uninhibited 'balés' and 'ahas' seeming to bring out the best in them. Shri Bharat Sunder has a good stage presence and interacted with the audience in the small auditorium, keeping us engaged.

Shri Sriram Natarajan Kanjira artiste was not mentioned in any of the flyers, and neither in one of the live videos of the concert shared on Facebook. I felt that was very unfair to the performer!

Artiste Bios:

Shri Rajeev Mukundan:
Rajeev was initiated into this art form at the tender age of four. He’s currently under the tutelage of the legendary Kalaimamani A.Kanyakumari for almost a decade.
Received scholarship from the Government of India from 2001 to 2009. One of the youngest ‘A’ graded artiste of All India Radio (AIR).
Rajeev is a receipient of several prestigious awards like ‘Spirit of Youth Award’ given by ‘The Music Academy, Madras’ in the year 2008, “The Best Violinist Award” from ‘The Music Academy, Madras,’ in December 2011, etc.
Rajeev has given many violin duet concerts with his Guru A.Kanyakumari, and also has toured and accompanied leading artistes like Sangeetha Kalanidhi T.V.Sankaranarayanan , Dr. N.Ramani, Malladi Brothers, Vijay Siva, T.M.Krishna, Oscar nominee Bombay Jayasri, Dr Nithyashri Mahadevan & Ranjani Gayathri.

Shri Sriram Natarajan:
Sriram started training on the Mridangam at the age of 9, under the veteran Guru Sri K V Maniappan in Mumbai. Sriram has had advanced training from the Late Sangeetha Kalanidhi Padma Sri Palghat Raghu. He is presently under the able tutelage and guidance of Tanjavur Sri Murugaboopathy,
His style of accompaniment is very adaptive to both instrumental and vocal music. Sriram regularly accompanies renowned and upcoming artistes in India during the December music season in Chennai. He also travels around the US and has performed at several venues.

Sriram is a resident of Apple Valley MN and is the founder of the Layyasaaram school of music.
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#2 Re: Bharat Sunder Vocal Concert at Dallas Namadwaar 30 Sept 2018

Post by rajeshnat » 07 Oct 2018, 07:58

Great job . Yesterday you put a post where you said you typed and lost the post due to time out . Next time no pre time out error even for attending the concert and type it in notepad and save it and then copy and paste it and avoid post time out error. Watch out for two timeout errors. Bharath Sundar is a lovely musician and his tunesmith capabilities are coming out very well . Thank you for the review
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#3 Re: Bharat Sunder Vocal Concert at Dallas Namadwaar 30 Sept 2018

Post by SrividyaC » 07 Oct 2018, 09:46

thank you Rajeshnat ji and yes, i will watch out for timeouts in the future!
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