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Rithvik Raja - L Ramakrishnan - Thanjavur Praveen Kumar - Anirudh Athreya

Brahma Gana Sabha
Aadi isai vizha
Dakshinamurthi Auditorium, PS School

28 July 2019, 6:15 pm

endarO mahAnubhAvulu - srI - Adi - T (R)
rAma nannu brOva rA - harikAmbhOji - rUpakam - T (sketch NS)
dAtsukOvalEnA - tODi - jhampa - T (RNS)
cEta srI balakrushNam - dvijAvanti - tisra Ekam - MD
bhOgIndra sAyinam - kuntalavarALi - kaNDa cApu - ST
kAmAkshI - bhairavi - misra cApu - SS

The concert was started with a crisp slOkam. Next was a neatly sung AlApanai of srI rAgam, with a sweet violin reply. The pancharatnam was rendered neatly. A short sketch of harikAmbhOji followed. The violin reply was more assertive and anchored. This writer is fresh from another incomparable and detailed exploration of this rAgam and is biased and hence shouldn't say anything bad for this crisp attempt. Detailed neraval and svarams were presented at 'meppula kai kanathAvu'

A detailed and well laid out AlApanai of tODi was to follow. It was detailed with all the essential sangatis and good. The reply from violinist was good also. The kriti was rendered well, along with detailed neraval in two speeds at 'saumitri tyAgarAju'. An elaborate round of svarams in mEl kAlam with korappu to thAra shadjam and kOrvai followed. The violin responses were measured and apt. The playing of mrudangam and kanjirA for the entire tODi needs a special mention. Each sangati was matched well and so was the accompanying for the manOdarma parts. This was followed up with a slow placed presentation of cEta srI balakrushNam by the entire team. Neatly followed it up with a leisurely bhOgIndra sAyinam with the charanam rendered in kIzh kAlam and mEl kAlam.

The AlApanai of bhairavi was short and off beat in structure. The swarajati was presented starting from the first charanam.

One had to leave during the kriti. The concert was a good team presentation.


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