Musical Exploration Series

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#1 Musical Exploration Series

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Musical Exploration series
10 08 2019 . Saturday . 10 30 . hrs
Raga sudha Hall

by Smt Seetha Rajan

Lec Demo assisted with disciples
Archana, Arthi and Rashmi.
The ragas taken up for todays Lec Dem were Suddasaveri, Shyama, Arabhi and Devakanthari.
All these ragas are structurally same but handling is different.
The program started exactly at 10 30 hrs with Hall full.
There were 100 rasikas all were tightly shackled to their seats till the end. To my surprise more youngsters were present and senior citizens were very less in number.
Some of the interesting points noted are given below.


Thaye thirupurasundari . Sung by Archana, Arthi and Rashmi who was on Tambura.
Nishadham weaker swaram in this
only 5 swaras .
not much gamakam
Avarohanam should be Dheergam
A varnam composed by Smt Seetha Rajan was demonstrated.
Paranthaman is the Varnam
Rasikas followed the disciples with a script distributed to all. The whole Hall reverberated with this piece.
Sa and Pa are projected in this Raga
Ri and Dha alone will identify Sudda Saveri. A very composed Raga

Devakriya Analoluda Demo .
This has chinna Rishabam.
MD refers this Raga as Deva kriya in the song Sri Guruguha . Demo
SriViswanatham . a varnam with 14 Ragas was taken up for Demo
Hindustani counterpart of this is Durga


Madhyamam projection a lot
Anna poorne Manasachanjarare . Demo .
This is a silent Raga. Mind will become peaceful on hearing this Raga
Raga alapana taken up for Demo.
This has almost with all plain swarams with normal prayogam
Krithi . Sadasivam . Demo
Maravagave . of Pattanam Subramaniya Iyer . Demo.
Rasikas jointly sang this kriti.


Ri . Dha . are projected

This raga is fit for Thanam .singing. Lot of scope

Rishabam and Dhaivatham . assertive
Gandharam and Nishadham not much

Sadheenjane . Demo
For voice culture practicing Varnam in Arabi is fine. Sarasidhakshi
Paramathmudu taken up for Demo
For delineation of this Raga the first line of Satheenjane will be enough.
Mara kodi of MD Demo


Ga swram is slippery
Only slow temp krithis are plenty in this Raga.
St T 's . Koluvaiyunnade is a depiction of Gambeeram.
At the end MD's krithi in Kedaragowla was sung

The writeup may not be complete. As usual any corrections are invited.
The second part on Sunday 11th Aug will deal with Kedharagowla , Naryana Gowla and Suruti. In general the event was very nice and the three disciples sang well and appears to be quite knowledgable with their pleasing voice with perfect alignment.. It shows Guru's devotion in training.

11 08 2019

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#2 Re: Musical Exploration Series

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Thank you Tanjavooran for the trouble you have taken to attend this lec dom coming all way from your distant place and sparing time to make a write up. There are many takeaways from your write up. Thanks.

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