Rama Ravi, Rukmani arts & music trust

Review the latest concerts you have listened to.
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#1 Rama Ravi, Rukmani arts & music trust

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Rama Ravi - vocal
Nanditha Ravi - vocal support
MA Krishnaswamy - fiddle
Kallidaikurichi S Sivakumar - mrudangam
Hariharan - tambura

Rukmani arts & music trust
Bombay Ramachandran Memorial concert
Ragasudha Hall
31 Aug 2019, 6:30 pm

evarE Emi - sahAnA - aTa - PSI
gaNanAtAya namastE - gauLa - Adi - Ambi Dikshitar (S)
manasu karugadEmO - hamsadvani - rUpakam - PSI (S)
vAsudEvamanisam namAmyaham - kAnaDA - kaNDa tripuTa - MV (RS)
maruva nIkU - pUrvikalyANi - Adi - Pallavi Seshayyar (RNS)
pizhaigal ellAm porutu - nAyaki - Adi - Ramaswamy Sivam
mahilOna yOcanalu - kOlAhalam - Adi - T
rAmA nIyaDa - kharaharapriyA - Adi - T (RST)
tillAnA - vasantA - Adi - Ammachathram Kannuswami Pillai
uruvAi aruvAi - madhyamAvati - kaNDa cApu
srI rAmachandranukku jaya mangalam

A wonderful concert. It started with a brief welcome talk and an introduction. The concert started with a rare varNam. Smt. Rama mentioned that Sri Ramachandran was a great vidwan with a huge repertoire and was known for his offbeat selections to teach and perform. She mentioned that she would present such compositions in this concert.

As she mentioned, except for the main kriti, all other pieces were rare and unheard off, to this writer. Some of which were not easy to find on google either. Still, each piece was rendered with a traditional gait and grandeur. The manodarma aspects were handled even better. One is short of words to express the feeling for each of the pieces. Should it be called satisfaction or the contending of the mind or soul! Was it the music! Was it the rendition! Whatever it be, one had to be there to listen and understand the feeling this concert created. It was an awesome concert and one to remember for a long time.


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#2 Re: Rama Ravi, Rukmani arts & music trust

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Hope youtube link will be posted here

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Delighted that there is a Ramachandra Sir Memorial happening. I wish it occurs in Dec-Jan so NRI students can listen too. And Smt Rama Ravi with her vidwat would have been perfect for the concert. And... going down the list, I can say I know a few of these. I particularly love Maruva Niku in Poorvi Kalyani.

Sir was a strict disciplinarian and I can say now that us students learnt a lot with that need to be 'just right'

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#4 Re: Rama Ravi, Rukmani arts & music trust

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i know you are one.May i know who are all performing student disciples of bombay Ramachandran.

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