Gayathri [email protected] Temple (T Nagar) on Oct 03rd,2019

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#1 Gayathri [email protected] Temple (T Nagar) on Oct 03rd,2019

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Gayathri [email protected] Temple (T Nagar) on Oct 03rd,2019
Vocal : Gayathri Venkataraghavan
Violin : L Ramakrishnan
Mrudangam : B Ganapathyraman
Tambura : Android/iPhone was heard and also supplemented by Shri Vaidyanathan

Concert Type : Nirvana and free
Time/Day : 6:45 pm to 08:35 pm , sunday
Sabha : sringeri temple conducts navarathri series year on year
Hall : Sringeri Sharada temple

01A. viruththam vAkkundrAmal ... mAmagalAi thumbikaiyAl - sAveri
01B. tulasi jagathjanani (S)- sAveri -T

02. akhilAndEshwari (R) - jujAvanti -MD

03. chintayAmi jagadAmbA (R,S) - hindOlam - JC Wodeyar
6 mins alapana and 4 mins violin return
swaras for 8 mins
04.taayE tripurasundari(CS) - suddasAveri - PT

05. seethammA mAyammA (CS)- vasantha - T
06. kavalai ellAm kaLaindiDuvadun (R ,CS,S) - saraswati - GNB
6 mins alapana and 4 mins violin return
swaras for 3 mins

07A. todi alapana for 4 mins
07B. brief slokham vidya mudhra....sharadAMbA - tOdi
07C. 3 mins violin return
07D. bhArati mAmava (R, CS, N ,S) - TOdi - ST
neraval in shArada vidhumaNDala sadrsha for 4 mins
swaras for 6 mins
07E.tani for 4 mins

08A. slokham - sharadhA devi ... vidhyadharan- yamunakalyani
08B. bhajan - nAchakku nAchakku???? Ayathu saraswati - yamunakalyani?? - ???
09. karunai deivamE karpagamE - yamunakalyani - madurai Sreenivasan
10. karpagamE - madhyamavati - P Sivan

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#2 Re: Gayathri [email protected] Temple (T Nagar) on Oct 03rd,2019

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Navarathri concerts does have a dimension that usually does not come in many concerts . MUsician work extra hard to present compositions on the theme and diety. COncerts also needs apart from compositions the musical charisma that comes with alapana , neraval and swaras , also in general with few more on spot exchange of ideas in stage. Few pluses and few shortcomings in this concerts

Few pluses

1. GV has fairly high emote . At regular intervals the akAra sadhagam was quite evident . THere was quite a lot of hardwork for sure in presenting compositions not just on Devi but more particularly on the presiding deity sharadambal

2. I particularly liked her Rare GNB Krithi . THe song , the preceding alapana and the round of cittaswaras was well done , GNB is a class as a composer . THe submain like hindOlam was well done in alapana and krithi rendition . I have personally not heard the rare chintaya jagadamba

3. IN the tukkadas i particularly liked the yamunakalyani one. I could not catch perfectly the lines , that could be a hindi bhajan nAchakku nAchakku Ayathu saraswati .

4. Her leisurely rendition at regular intervals like akhilandeshwari , liberal drop of slokham and viruththam was well done . She was in the zone of deep reverence to goddess sharadambal.

5. I particularly liked her selection of Bharathi mamava a todi masterpiece as main which is more a navarathri Trivandrum special than a navarathri TNagar special.

6. Her voice warmed up well in saveri but the microphone setting was not that perfect , still she did a great justice to that lovely Sadguru song tulasi jagathjanani. APart from her primary guru A Sundaresan there is a definite lining of KVN in her music to give that emote .

Few Shortcomings
1. Far more rhythmmic changes are required to give more raga devathai swaroopam to songs . I personally found them lacking and the finish was not that intensely deep

2. Yes it is a thematic concert and I was not demanding a big concert . But to have that much of CIttaswaras upto 4 numbers makes me wonder what happened to kalpana swaras.In both hindoLam and todi her approach was to sing swaras with big violin return and then go for second round . I am ok with lung space creation as this art is quite demanding but with that longer space there could have been more second round ideas and tighter leash in hindolam and todi.

3. She can get more involved with pakkavadhyam and possibly have bit more onspot thought process in the concert . SOngs like taaye Tripura sundari and seethamma mAYamma which have faster gait needs more eye contact with mrudangam artist.

L ramakrishnan has both sharpness and kanyakumarish azhuttam . He is intensely classical and i liked his play. He is going to be very sought after violinist for sure . B Ganapathyraman has patterns that are intelligent, just like the previous prasanna concert little more aggression and going in toe with better body language with main artist will immensely help. All said one has to give it to vidushi Gayathri Venkataraghavan for her meticulous hardwork to present a great theme with lot of spread on Goddess sharadambal.

Overall a very good concert for 1 hour and 50 minutes.

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#3 Re: Gayathri [email protected] Temple (T Nagar) on Oct 03rd,2019

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karuNai dEivamE should be in sindhubhairavi

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#4 Re: Gayathri [email protected] Temple (T Nagar) on Oct 03rd,2019

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arunsri wrote: 12 Oct 2019, 00:45 karuNai dEivamE should be in sindhubhairavi
Tx i slipped and i made a mistake.

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