T M Krishna @ Mannarasala Temple - 22nd Oct 2019

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#1 T M Krishna @ Mannarasala Temple - 22nd Oct 2019

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Sri. Trivandrum N.Sampath (violin); Sri.Nanjil Arul (mridangam), Udupi Sri. S.Balakrishnan (ghatam)

Concert duration; about 2 hours (imagined since the point of the Kedaragowla alapana appears to be after five or so minutes).

It was apparently broadcast on TV. I think the entire concert has been uploaded between these two accounts (although a comment on one video asks whether he recorded the Mohana, which I have no clue about).


Songlist (songs after [2] may be out of order as I am judging by the order in which they were uploaded) :

1. Nenendu Vethakudura - Karnataka Behag - Adi - Tyagaraja [Sketch, S with a long Sarvalaghu at Hari Nenendu (ateetham)]
2. Maulau Ganga (Appaya Dikshithar slokam) - Sankarabharanam, Nagalingam Bhajeham - Sankarabharanam - Adi - Dikshithar [N @ Sukha Pradayaka, S @ Mula Bhutam]
3. Saraguna Palimpa [Elaborate R by TMK, Th by Sampath, N @ Shatadriti Pujitha, T]
4. Akarathin - Khamas - Adi - King of Haripad [S @ Palli Koodam]
5. Venkatachalanilayam - Sindhubhairavi - Adi - Purandaradasa
6. Eppo Varuvaro - Jonpuri - Adi - Gopalkrishna Bharathi
7. Muchukundavarada (Nottuswaram) - Tisra Eka - Dikshithar

And somewhere along the line there might have been a Mohana: I don't know.

I think the most impressive things about this concert for me were the Sarvalaghu in Karnataka Behag (which has a pretty twisted avarohana (SNDNPDMGRGS). I think he said DPM somewhere but smirked knowingly and corrected himself) and the neraval at a sahitya-laden line in Kedaragowla.

And of course, since he was singing in Haripad, there came the Khamas peacock song, embellished with some delectable swaras.

Overall, one of the better concerts I have listened to of his over the past month.

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