Raji [email protected] Sabha on Dec 06th,2019

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#1 Raji [email protected] Sabha on Dec 06th,2019

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Raji [email protected] Sabha on Dec 06th,2019
Vocal : Raji Gopalakrishnan
Violin : Dr Hemalatha
Mrudangam : B Sivaraman
Ghatam : ?????

Occassion : BGS inaugral event followed by this concert
Concert Type : Nirvana and free
Time/Day : 6:30 pm to 08:30 pm ,Friday
Sabha : RR Sabha, Mylapore
Hall : 3rd floor hall of RR Sabha, chandrasekara hall

01. ThAyagi thanthayum(?CS,S) - hamsadhwani -googled to find as Tiruvarutpa by valllalar (not sure)
3 mins swaras
02. KAnthimathi annai - kAnadA - papanasam Sivan
03. kanta joodumi (R N S) -vAchaspathi - T
10 mins alapana and 4 mins violin return
neraval in alanNAdu sowmitri for 5 mins
swaras for 4 mins

04. ThyagarAjAya namastE - bEgaDa - MD
05. sivakAma sundari - jaganmOhini - GKB

06. punniyam oRu kOti (R N S T) - keeravani - PT
10 mins alapana with 6 mins violin return
neraval for 6 mins in annai kAmakshi pOlE anbE vadivAi vandAr
11 mins swaras
06B. Tani for 12 mins

07. rAma nAma mEdudhi - dEsh- Tanjore shankara iyer
08A. viruththam - en thAyum enakkarul - sAveri + nee thaan oRu saTrum - bhageshri +
enthaaym enakkarul - behag
08B. muruganin maru peyar - behag -swami surajananda

09. pavamAna

RR sabha is a great sabha atleast celebrating 90 years . For many years from say 2005 to 2017 or 2018 it was pullled down and the construction took a lot longer time with very minimal events . Right now it is quite sparkling there is a bigger main hall and a smaller 3rd floor mini hall named swami chandrasekara hall . RR Sabha is more a drama and a dance sabha in Dec season , but this year(not sure about last year now) they have held a week long carnatic season which just happened this week. This is where chennai sabhas sparkle they give their best to push as much concerts during season to many artists.

Raji Gopalakrishnan is a very great artist infact for many years she was one of my top favorite. It is understandable with more youngsters pushing in , vidushis like Raji have their performance count coming down . As i entered bit late she was singing the second half of hamsadhwani. I just googled to find that the song that she sang was a tiruarutpa .There could have been more charge like her paramaguru SSI , but it did not happen

The second in kAnada with kanthimathi was well done . Her diction was superb and she reminded a certain shade of tigress MLV there. Poochi -Ariyakudi typecast is to have a standalone #2 and Raji followed with just singing the krithi. I felt kanada was clipped without a neraval or swaras could have been avoided.

The submain was kantha joodumi in vachaspathi. She sang a complete copybook style , alapana was detailed and great. Her krithi rendering was well done but neraval she could have raised to a bit higher standard. Swaras were measured in kanta joodumi and was cautious

Two back to back standalone krithis followed . The more weighty Begada had fewer aha moments than lovely jaganmohini. As she rolled a lovely keeravani alapana, I was thinking atleast 10 to 15 years back she singing a lovely GKB krithi innamum sandeha padalama which I came to know only through her . She sang a lovely punniyam oru koti , some how i feel few thamizh krithis like innamum sandeha padalama , this punniya oru kOti and vAnanai have given run for money for the majetic sadguru krithi . These 3 thamizh krithis in keeravani are very much more than trinity. Annai Kamakshi PolE was well done with nice swaraas her voice latched with a steady sruthi. Neraval was measured but still had a good impact.

Tukkadas were short and crisp . Raji showed the best of her in the viruththam ending with muraganin maru pezhar . I am assuming the composer swami surajananda may have worked with TMT on this krithi muruganin maru pezhar as the tunesmith. THe preceding Desh rAma nama was well done. The violinist Dr Hemalatha is a very underrated violinist . she played very well with excellent press and sruthi.Her habit of particularly not intruding when the vocalist was singing was noteworthy. The percussion team of B sivaraman and unknown ghatam artist did pep up well. Tani was just a run of the mill story.

Overall a very good concert for 2 hours .

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