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Vittal Ramamurthy- Violin
Tiruvarur Bhaktavalsalam- Mridangam
Sreesunderkumar- Ganjira
List of songs.
• Varnam- Saranga
• Ninne bhajana- Nata- T (S)
• Sangeetagnanamu- Dhanyasi- T (R,S)
• Paripahimam Nruhare- Mohanam- ST (N,S)
• Neevanti deivamu- Varali- Spencer Venugopal
• Sreenivasa tava charanam- PS (R,N,S)
• Tani avartanam
• Ennaga manasukurani- Neelambari- T
• RTP- Mohanakalyani- Mishra chapu talam
Pallavi sahithyam- Ennai kaakka idu nalla samayam
Kandaa Kadirvadivelaa
• Haridasulu vedali- Yamunakalyani- T

This was one concert of Abhishek Raghuram revealing his exhuberance, high energy, roaring manodharmam, voice power, laya complexities in abundant measure contributing to the ecstasy of the house full audience in the Music Academy. I had lamented a lot about the Madrasana concert. This concert more than compensated for that let down feeling of that concert.

When the curtains opened, we saw Abhishek wrapped himself in a black shawl over his shirt. I felt apprehensive if he had any cold or temperature. But my fears were misplaced. After a couple of songs, his voice got the usual power and exhuberance. He never had any cough or cold and he even removed the shawl later.

The ragams dhanyasi, Kharaharapiya and Mohanakalyani were presented with the minute details, subtle nuances, amazing brighas and long akara sangatis which were natural to his style. But the audience enjoyment were visible from the thunderous applauses showered at every possible juncture. A vast picture of Kharaharapirya was painted on a wide canvas with the choicest colours and shades and the resultant picture was awesome. The alapana took 20 minutes.

Nobody expected a RTP at that late hours. But it started at 9.09 PM. Abhhishek has in the past too, exceeded his slot in the Academy for the enjoyment of his discerning rasikas. Ragam Mohanakalyani for the RTP was brief and seamlessly tanam followed. At that point, I remembered our Rajesh, who always longed for tanam by Abhishek as normally he delegated tanam to the violinist. Today Abhishek did a very imaginative tanam. When the ragam started, I thought it is Kalyani, but soon Mohanakalyani peeped out from hibernation. The pallavi was in a simple Mishra chapu talam.

Today Abhishek again proved that his neraval is unparalleled. His neraval on the lines Sarasijabhavanutha Sadhuloka bhayapaha was highly imaginative with high level combination of the raga bhavam, sahithya bhavam and laya expertise. Again his imagination rode high in the neraval on the lines Kamalajamanoharam for the main kriti Sreenivasa tava charanam. Again in the RTP, there was no compromise on neraval for want of time. The entire RTP took 20 minutes.

The kriti Neevanti deivamu in Varali needs special mention. This beautiful composition of Spencer Venugopal was a DKJ favourite. Abhishek did full justice to the song as to the kalapramanam, raga bhavam and sahithya bhavam.

Manodharma swarams- The concert showed that it is his domain in all the kritis. The swara prastarams for Mohanam, Kharaharapriya and Mohanakalyani were spell binding, to say the least.

Vittal Ramamurthy provided adequate violin accompaniment. His alapanas of Kharaharariya and Mohanakalyani were good.

Tiruvarur Bhakthavalsalam- he took the concert to a different plane. I have seen some concerts where he dominated with the volume and space, but today he proved to be a good match for the exhuberance and manodharmam of Abhishek. His volume was just right, his sollus had variety, clarity and spacing. He embellished the kritis very admirably with his dexterity, anticipation, understanding, silence, energy levels. The tani which lasted for twenty minutes was much enjoyed by the audience who cheered liberally. Sreesunderkumar on the Ganjira was also a good partner in the process.

I could meet Srinath in the canteen and exchanged our mutual admiration of the concert.

An outstanding concert from Abhishek and the team which lasted for nearly three hours as against the Academy slot of two and half hours

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Shri C Rama Avl,
Your wish is full filled. விட்டதை பிடித்து விட்டீர்கள். For the first time enjoyed his concert in person at Madarasana.
Exceeding the time limit since time master Pappu Rao garu was absent MA should have allowed him to continue. A very excellent concert as per your exhaustive review. HIs domain Manodhaarma was absent at Madarasana concert. Thanks for the writeup.
With wishes,
30 12 2019

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I could meet Srinath in the canteen and exchanged our mutual admiration of the concert
This was probably the craziest day of the season for me. I attended 4 concerts that day and the Violin repair lec dem before that. After being told that all tickets were sold out in the early morning (I think the Academy hordes must be very used to brahma muhurtam now), I couldn't even get a stage ticket even for Amrutha's concert before and I also ran out of luck for friends with spare tickets.

So instead come evening I hung around in the canteen filling up my stomach and getting to hear vaguely some varALi and MMI-esque kharaharapriya over the sounds of frying dosa and canteen noises. CRama came over for a few min and left. And then it began raining. By the way this isn't the first time I had to do this for AR's concert...

When the tani went on, there was the usual mass exodus. The rain also resulted in a sizeable chunk of the canteen crowd fleeing for home. Seizing my chances, I asked and was let in as it was the fag end of the concert and no one cares after the main item is over.

But I knew better. :twisted: Sure enough Abhishek redlined mOhana kalyANi and took up the very intentional pallavi exactly at 9:15 (for me or the MA is anyone's guess? Yes, he chose that time to show what he could do at full power. He went flat out like a racing driver possessed for the RTP and wound up by 9:34. What he did with just Mishra chApu had to be seen and heard to be believed. Unbelievable effort.

It was pouring crazy out there, but somehow I finally got my selfie with this species of otherworldly, not from this earth musician called Abhishek and made it back home with my clothes absolutely soaking, dripping wet like I jumped into a swimming pool, but what a way to end a day! :mrgreen:

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I don't know if it is appropriate to ask , but I wish someone would share the recording of this concert :)

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Get it from the Music Academy Archives if you're in Chennai. And no, those concerts are copyrighted.

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