Ramakrishnan Murthy & Ramana Balachandran

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#1 Ramakrishnan Murthy & Ramana Balachandran

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Sri Krishna Gana Sabha, Chennai
30 Dec 2019
4-6.30 pm

Ramakrishnan Murthy - Vocal
Ramana Balachandran-Veena
N C Bharadwaj-Mridangam
N Guruprasad-Ghatam

It was a grand recital.
For whoever believed that Veena may not fit in as an accompaniment for vocal in place of violin, it must have been a revelation that a masterly combination would work wonders!

Selection of Sruti for performance did not appear to be an issue as RKM could sing at a pitch of 2.5 kattai - quite comfortable for Veena too. The young scholarly vidwans offered music of the highest order.

The concert began with the Ata Tala varnam in Kalyani and followed by the Pancharatna kriti in Naata Jagadanadakaaraka. Selection of kritis was excellent. While MohanaRama (Mohanam) was the main suite, a brief and beautiful RTP was in Hamirkalyani. A bhava laden Kandudhanya (Behag) and a rare Tillana in Darbarikaanada were the concluding pieces.

Shall post in detail later.

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