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On the concluding day of the Thyagaraja Utsavam, Sarvani Sangeetha Sabha organised the above concert in Infosys Hall. The accompanists.
Kumbakonam M.R.Gopiinath- Violin
Sumesh Narayanan- Mridangam
Sainath- Ghatam
List of songs.
• Tulasamma- Devagandhari
• Endu bayara daya Inakulatilaka- Dhanyasi (R,S)
• Rama neevadu konthuvo- Kalyani- (R,N,S)
• Sree Narasimha- Phalamanjari
• Endaro Mahanubhavulu – Sree
• Mahita pravrudha- Kambodi- (R,S)
• Tani avarthanam
• Rama Rama- Divyanama keertanam- Huseni
• Slokam
• Mangalam

Sarvani Sangeetha Sabha is celebrating its 34th Annual Thyagaraja Utsavam. Earier, they were conducting this for five days, and one pancharathnam would be sung on each day. Now due to lack of funds, they have restricted for three days. They do this with lot of dedication and commitment Mr. Suri is the man behind the organisation of concerts. Only Thyagaraja kritis were sung in the three days music festival. This sabha was the pioneer in organising four hour concerts.

The concert of Malladi Brothers started at 6.45 PM after the Valedictory Session. Sreeramprasad and Ravikumar- they were the ideal selection for this concert given their vast repertoire of the kritis of Thyagaraja. Their sruti sudham, impeccable pronunciation due to command over the language, manodharmam, coordination all make their concerts much enjoyable for the serious minded listeners.

The concert started with a leisurely rendition of Tulasamma. Ravikumar presented a disciplined portrayal of Dhanyasi for the unheard kriti Endu bayara daya and was added some gripping swara prastarams. The next alapana was Kalyani – again by Ravikumar and the kriti Rama nee vadu konthuvo was presented very well. This song I have heard from MLV and Semmangudi and presently I have never heard any body singing this. I am happy that they chose this song. Detailed neraval on the lines Nee japame dikku kani Neerajalochana maku and the following kalpana swarams were much relishing.

Endaro Mahanubhavulu, the gem of the pancharathnam was presented without loss of devotion.

Mahitapravrudha is a kriti from the Lalgudi Pancharathnam and I have never heard this song from any body outside the Lalgudi school. Sreeramprasad presented a raga alapana of Kambodi rich in manodharmam and voice throw and the kriti was presented true to the authentic patantharam popularised by Lalgudi Jayaraman. The kalpana swaras added to the flavour.

Kumbakonam M.R. Gopinath was a very good support on the violin. His raga alapanas were rich in melody and content and swara replies were most appropriate. Sumesh Narayanan embellished the concert with his sunadam, right volume, dexterity, clarity and variety of strokes. The Ghatam artiste- I felt like he is an upcoming artiste and has to mature a lot.

A wonderful concert for two hours and fifteen minutes.

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