Vishnudev Nambudiri for Madhuradhwani

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#1 Vishnudev Nambudiri for Madhuradhwani

Post by Sivaramakrishnan »

R K Convention Center, Luz, Mylapore, Chennai
06.15-08.45 pm

Vishnudev Nambudiri - Vocal
Vittal Rangan- Violin
N C Bharadwaj - Mridangam
K V Gopalakrishnan - Kanjira

Pitch: 2 (D)
(Tambura and E sruti box)

(Vishnudev Nambudiri has emerged as one of the finest vocalists and his concerts during December season 2019 were all noteworthy. I had written a brief review for Sruti magazine (Feb 2020 issue) about his brilliant concert for Sri Krishna Gana Sabha.
A true scion of the Semmangudi school, Nambudiri has been receiving advanced training from Sri P S N).

The young team of Vidwans performed a very good recital for Madhuradhwani, promoted by Sri Arkay Ramakrishnan. Thanks to him, the RK convention Center has earned a name for offering quality programmes in music as well as in allied arts. The venue seldom goes without any event in the evenings thus making it a cultural landmark in the metro.

Vishnudev Nambudiri presented a rich yet varied fare at the concert.

1. Begada- Varnam
2. Kharaharapriya- Appan avatharittha kathaamritam- Papanasam Sivan- Aadi
3. Vasantha- Seethamma maayamma- Tyagaraja- Rupakam
4. Mukhari- Sreepathey Sreenarayana- Keerikaattu thoppil Gopalan Nair- Misra Chapu
5. Nalinakanti- Manavyalakimchara- Tyagaraja- Aadi
6. Subhapantuvarali-Sree sathyanarayanam- Dikshitar- Rupakam
7. Ragamalika slokam – Kasthuri tilakam lalaataphalakey
8. Yadukulakambodhi-Karunacheyvanendu taamasam Krishna- Yadukulambodhi- Irayimman Tampi-Aadi
9. Kalyanavasantham- Innudayabaradey- purandaradasar-Khandachapu
10. Mangalam

Appan avatharittha- the famed Sivan composition on Lord Ayyappa (popularised by Semmangudi) was rendered briskly with racy swara prastaras at the charana passage – Trilokamangalakaramurthy- with an atheetha eduppu.

The submain was the unique composition in Malayalam – Sreepathey Sreenarayana - resonating in a concert platform in Chennai perhaps for the first time. (This kriti was hugely famed by Neyyattinkara Vasudevan). Vishnudev rendered an excellent aalaapana with all the grandeur and niceties of Mukhari. Niraval & swaras were at the charana sahitya ‘Shankhachakra gadaapadma sankalitha Chaturbaaho’ with an eduppu at samam. In the process, the young musician was obliging a request from me to present this kriti in the concert. Thanks to him also for handling it in detail.

After a racy Nalinakanti, Vishnudev took up Subhapantuvarali for the ‘main’ with a wholesome alapana. The celebrated kriti was presented with the right element of vishranti required for a composition in Rendukalai Rupaka taalam. Kalpanaswaras were rendered at the opening line of the Pallavi. (This again brought in memories of Semmangudi who would render swaras at ‘Sathyajnaanandamayam’ – the second line of the Pallavi).

The Ragamalika slokam traversed Suratti, Hindolam, Hamsanandi and Yadukulakambodhi followed by Karunacheyvaanendu eliciting memories of the great Chmebai Vaidyanatha bhagavathar who gave an iconic status to the composition about his ishtadevatha- Guruvayurappan.
(While rendering Hamsanandi, Vishnudev subtly employed the kaakalinishadam option in the electronic Tambura as Hindustani musicians would do for N2 dominant scales!)

Innudayabaardey was a good choice as a concluding kriti in a contrasting Kalyanavasantham.

Vittal Rangan proved to be highly promising on Violin. His alapana-s of Mukhari and Subhapantuvarali maintained high standards and his grip over laya was evident during swara returns. N C Bharadwaj is a superb Mridangist, much sought after these days. His Naada output and absolute command over laya have made him an outstanding laya vidwan. His Tani for the Rendulali Rupakam was excellent. K V Gopalakrishnan with unobtrusive strokes on Kanjira added greatly to the success of the percussion section. However a korvai he played during his turn in the Tani seemed rather elusive!

This was yet another successful concert of Vishnudev Nambudiri who is quite busy these days in concert circuit. There was a good audience turnout.

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#2 Re: Vishnudev Nambudiri for Madhuradhwani

Post by rajeshnat »

malayalam songs needs more coverage. srk very sweet of u to help vishnudev discover a mukhari malayalam song that too as a submain . great review. vishnudev vittal and ncb are terrific young performers along with fairly seasoned kvg.I wish i was there atleast for the rarest mukhari.

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#3 Re: Vishnudev Nambudiri for Madhuradhwani

Post by CRama »

The concert was very nicely packaged and presented. Vishnudev is definitely a singer of merit as I have heard many of his concerts. His concerts do offer an element of serenity at the same time keep you hooked throughout without a moment of sag. In this concert, the neraval in the lines Triloka mangala kara murthy for the song Appan Avadaritha brought memories of a Semmangudi concert I heard in TVM in a Ayyappan temple where he sang this neraval and swaras very elaborately. But many people simply present the song. It was very nice of Vishnudev to present neraval and swaram for the second song which itself brought a weight to the concert. That is the bani of Semmangudi.

That Mukhari kriti was very nicely rendered. Here I appreciate his confidence to embark upon a new composition as many musicians shy away from taking up a new song- that too a Malayalam composition- thinking whether audience swill accept it. Here Vishnudev proved that if the delivery is authentic, audience will definitely lap it. But the song do have many Sanskrit words in it and not exclusively Malayalam.

Sree Sathyanarayanam- The raga alapana and song presentation were a class in itself. Here again Semmangudi comes to my mind- He will song swaras for Sree Sathyanarayanam and Sathyagnanandamayam and Sarvam Vishnumayam. Unforgettable rendition of Semmangudi. Vishnudev did not do like that. In the next opportunity, he can try that. But the swaras were nicely crafted and there was good laya quotient in them.

Karuna cheyvan endu tamasam- This song do have two versions. One in Sri ragam and another- Chembai’s version in Yadukulakambodi. That was presented very well without loss of inherent bhakthi bhavam or raga bhavam.

Vittal rangan impressed a lot with his sweet bowing, imagination and swara replies. The persussion support was adequate.

An excellent concert.

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#4 Re: Vishnudev Nambudiri for Madhuradhwani

Post by CRama »

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#5 Re: Vishnudev Nambudiri for Madhuradhwani

Post by sureshvv »

Good concert. Sang for more than 2.5 hours showing his earnestness and enthusiasm to please.

Felt that the overall volume was on the high side. When the vocalist asks for more volume, invariably every other member on the team follows suit and it can become a problem for the audience.

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#6 Re: Vishnudev Nambudiri for Madhuradhwani

Post by HarishankarK »

Brief neraval was done in the karaharapriya krithi I heard - not sure if anyone has done neraval for this krithi more so at this place

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#7 Re: Vishnudev Nambudiri for Madhuradhwani

Post by CRama »

See my post above. I have heard Semmangudi doing neraval at this place in atemple concert in TVM. Neyyattinkara Vasudevan also has done neraval in this place.

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#8 Re: Vishnudev Nambudiri for Madhuradhwani

Post by shankarank »

CRama wrote:
20 Feb 2020, 17:40
Link to the above concert
Many concert recordings - the video and audio sync makes it not worthwhile any more. I will take the rest of the comments in another topic.

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#9 Re: Vishnudev Nambudiri for Madhuradhwani

Post by CRama »

Yes. Many webcasts are like that. But to enjoy the music, concentrate on the audio. As far as I am concerned, I do not sit before the video for the entire concert. There are many uploads which has got only the image of the singer- no video. Neverthless very much valuable in terms of music. Vintage music as well as many uploads of Ramakrishnanmurthy I heard recently.

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